Bessie Coleman

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Have u ever heard the first african american to fly a plane?if u don’t her name is Bessie Coleman she was the first african american to fly a plane and do stunts and tricks in the sky.
Bessie Coleman was born in Waxahachie Texas and at the age of 2 two years old her father left the family to go back to indians territory. When Bessie was 12 she went to a missionary baptist church in Texas then she graduated and then went to the Oklahoma colored agriculture.In 1915 Bessie was 23 years old and she moved to Chicago to work with her brothers as a manicurist.When she had free time she would read or listen about the War World 1 pilots so then she tried to be one so she went to the United States denied because she was a different race.Bessie Coleman wanted to go to france so she can be a pilot so she was teaching herself french for months and months then she went to france and they taught her how to fly for a year they gave her a licence and she did stunts and tricks in the air.Bessie got her licence at the school of caudron brothers of Aviation in france she learned her first stunt in 1922.In her later life she did so many stunts ,spins , circles, flips ,twirls and she did it in front of everyone in france.Also she wanted to teach kids how to fly when they get older for school.Bessie went to Europe to get more information on how to do tricks and stunts.One day Bessie was flying to get to the West Coast Air Shows and her plane crash she was rushed to the hospital she was ok and alive but she had to stay in the hospital for eighteen months.In May 1,1926 Bessie was going to get a pilot named William D.Wills so,she flew her plane into Orlando to find him because she wanted to do 3 forced landing in her show but she didn’t know how to do it.The plane she

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