Madam Cj Walker Biography Essay

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Madam CJ Walker

Madam CJ Walker was an important part of Black History due to her

broadcasting her 1st hair care product, her school, and also her being the first African

American millionaire. She was a entrepreneur and a great philanthropist. She made her

fortune by creating and promoting a line of magnificence hair items for black women.

She was inspirational to a lot of people. In this essay, you will find out more things about

Madam CJ Walker invented her hair products due to her having scalp ailments.

Walker started working with a hair and product company. She started learning more

about it and it made her want to invent her own. Some of her products were shampoo and

a pomade to help hair grow. Walker’s heavy advertising …show more content…

Thus, they advanced Walker's logic of

"cleanliness and exquisiteness" as a method for propelling the status of African-

Americans. A trailblazer, Walker sorted out clubs and traditions for her delegates, which

perceived effective deals, as well as charitable and instructive endeavors among African-

Just before her death she pledged $5,000 (the equivalent of about $65,000 in

2012) to the NAACP's anti-lynching fund. Madam C. J. Walker died at Villa Lewaro on

Sunday, May 25, 1919, from complications of hypertension. She was 51. In her will she

directed two-thirds of future net profits of her estate to charity; she bequeathed nearly

$100,000 to orphanages, institutions, and individuals. At her death she was considered to

be the wealthiest African American woman in America. According to Walker's New

York Times obituary, "she said herself two years ago in 1917 that she was not yet a

millionaire, but hoped to be some time. Her daughter, A'Lelia Walker, became the

president of the Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company.

Madam Walker's legacy stays through National Historic Landmarks, one of which

is Villa Lewaro situated in Irvington, New York. Manor Lewaro was unloaded and in

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