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When you think of September you think of back to school. Right? We all remember the smell of a new box of crayons. Well in the 1900s that was not the case for many children in America. Labor laws were not fair, but there was one American woman in that era that said enough is enough. She fought hard on improving working conditions for many American Her name was Florence Kelley. Florence Kelley made her entrance in the world on September 12, 1889, to William and Caroline Kelley. She grew up learning public activity from her father. Her father was a self-educated man who left his business to become an abolitionist a judge and an activist for a number of political and social reforms. As a child, she also spent a lot of time with her Aunt Sarah …show more content…

She embraced strong efforts to fight government corruption and actively companies for civil rights, children health, welfare, and prohibition. Kelley was responsible for providing the numerical evidence that led to state legislation mandating an eight hours work day for women in children. She did return back to school and earned her a law degree 1894. Kelly returned to New York to assume leadership of the national consumers’ league, an organization created to use the purchasing power of the consumer to support firms with good labor practices. During the time with the consumer league, she was responsible for organizing sixty different leagues in various states. Kelly also wrote several books. It is easy to conclude that Florence Kelley was ahead of her time in her ideas and approach to social reform. She laid the groundwork for many social programs that were not implanted till after her death. Now as back school approaches you can be thankful your kids get to go to school and not have to work all day in dangerous conditions. All because of people like Florence Kelley’s who dedicated her life to the rights of children and many working class

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