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Mary Lou Retton was born to Lois, and Ronnie Retton on January 24,1968. She was the youngest of five children, three boys, and two girls. Lois would take Mary Lou, and her sister, Shari ,to West Virginia University for gymnastics once a week. Mary Lou was first pining for Olympic Gold at age four when watching Olga Korbut during the 1972 Olympics.When Mary Lou was seven she watched Nadia Comaneci compete in the Olympics. Mary Lou Retton knew that one day she wanted to stand on the podium, and receive a gold medal. Mary Lou eventually got to a point that she outgrew the training that she was receiving in West Virginia. In 1982, she left home for Houston,Texas. She meet Bela Karolyi when competing in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he encouraged her

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