Debbie Allen Research Paper

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Debbie Allen

Is an American actress dancer, choreographer will all major dances like classical Ballet, Modern, African, Hip Hop and Jazz. Now she is currently teaching young dancers. At age 12 Debbie Allen audition at ballet school when she returned to her birth home in Texas. Auditioning for the school got denied just because of her skin color. When she got a second chance to perform a Russian instructor saw her talent of how a good dancer she is by a that the Russian instructor let her be is his academy . With all the situation that have been going on during her dancing career many people have put her color of her skin and body type get in her way but that has not stop her following her dreams. One of her famous quotes that did not her stop to follow her dream would be is “ I design my shots. I walk the rehearsal as the camera and say this is where I want to be...I want this look.” …show more content…

Allen opened a Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles in 2001. She as well is a T.V. Director,T.V. producer. One of the shows that Debbie Allen that has directed Is The Cosby Show. DIrecting and producing T.V. show and movies Her credits has been on famous shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get away with Murder, Jane the Virgin, That's so Raven and other famous shows. Allen has earned three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, A Drama Desk etc. She was chosen by the George W. Bush to represent the United States as a Cultural Ambassador of Dance. Allen has been working at the Kennedy Center for 15 years, with her famous pieces with Arturo Sandoval and James Ingram. Like Pepito’s Story, brothers of the Knight, Dreams. ALex in Wonderland, Soul Possessed, Pearl, Dancing in the Wings and Oman O

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