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  • Ballet Classical Ballet

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    Ballet is a style of dance that originated in the Italian renaissance courts during the 15th and 16th century’s. Ballet later was spread to France and Russia by Catherine de' Medici of Italy. Catherine de' Medici married king Henry ii and then became the queen of France in the mid-15th century and introduced this dance style to French courts. These dancers were mostly aristocratic armatures rather than professional dancers. Ballets during this time period were long and elaborate. Costumes were ornamented

  • Is Ballet A Sport Or Sport

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    Introduction: Ballet: Art or Sport? Participation in sports is typically regarded as a masculine activity. Traditionally, males have dominated in sports and male sporting events generate more money and attention. Ballet is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill; this is Webster’s definition of a sport. Ballet is clearly an art, but because of the years of intense training, skill and dedication it should also be considered a sport and regarded as such due to the similar physical intensity

  • History Of Ballet

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    the Origin of Ballet The word ballet originates from the Italian word balletto which means to dance, to jump about. The history and origins of ballet dates back to the 15th century in the Renaissance courts of Italy and it spread to France under the influence of Catherine de ' Medici. In this era, Pierre Beauchamp from France created the five positions of ballet that we now use (Origin and History of Ballet, n.d.). Ballet became such a well-known form of art that a school of ballet was opened in

  • Informative Speech On Ballet

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    Today, I like to talk about styles of ballet. Ballet is a type of performance dance. It is high technical dance with its own technical term based on French. Ballet became foundation of many other dance genres. Ballet dancer requires years and years of training to be professional. It's choreographed and performed by trained dancers, and dancers are wearing splendid costumes and dancing on a adorned stage with lighting, banner, and scenery. The word "ballet'' entered English usage from French around

  • History Of Ballet Essay

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    Understanding of ballet Date: Art and architecture Introduction “Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” The above quote by the eminent French Philosopher Voltaire speaks volume about the importance of dance. Human beings from time immemorial have danced for various reasons. Initially, it was for celebration, worship, or pleasure. There is a great variety of dance forms across the world and of the all dance forms; ballet is an extremely popular

  • Essay On Ballet Music

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    Ballet music Modern art of ballet includes several important components, which in general should create a unique mode of action. Can you guess what is important in the ballet? Of course, professional dance and pantomime by which many emotions and feelings are expressed. But ballet music takes not the last place! Musical accompaniment adds a certain drama and you can manage the story of ballet performances. Music is like a breath for any art, neither ballet nor opera can exist without it because

  • Multiculturalism In Ballet

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    Classical Ballet Companies Nowadays has revealed that multiculturalism is a complicated term. If multiculturalism can be denoted as the coexistence of diverse groups that share different cultural and ideological backgrounds, classical ballet companies can be defined as multicultural. Historically, already in the middle of the nineteenth century, when Marius Petipa emigrated to Saint-Petersburg and introduced in his masterpieces such as Swan Lake, the vocabulary and the grace of the French ballet together

  • Personal Narrative: Diablo Ballet

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    also kinda sorted out my weight issues. Not on purpose. It just kinda happened with becoming happier.” (Larissa) I met with the wonderful ballet dancer, Larissa Marie Kogut, on a sun-drenched Tuesday afternoon, minutes after her rehearsal with Diablo Ballet had ended. She greeted me with an enthusiastic smile, much like the one I had seen at my ballet studio’s production of The Nutcracker, where she had been a guest performer, acting as the Sugarplum Fairy. Thrilled to be interviewing my idol

  • King Louis XIV: Femininity In Ballet

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    Though ballet wasn’t originally intended for women, it was inevitable that the female race would rise above and eventually dominate this powerful yet delicate art. Femininity in ballet developed considerably after the reign of men in this art form during the 15th and 16th centuries, when men in mask and costume portrayed women in productions, and King Louis XIV’s elaborate productions starring himself in the 17th century. The Romantic Era ushered in a real exploration into the roles of gender, and

  • Latin Ballet Of America Analysis

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    The Latin Ballet of Virginia always finds a way to connect their Latin heritage to their dancing. This time, during Milagros, a children’s story was put into movement. The story was of a young girl who was lost from home and could not get back until she learned of the truth. The Latin Ballet of Virginia’s theatrics often give a clear story-line without the use of their guided programs. However, during this showing I found it hard to follow along without reading the story or listening to the narration

  • Analysis Of Aaron Copland's Ballet 'Rodeo'

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    have decided to analyze the piece "Hoe Down" from Aaron Copland 's ballet, Rodeo. Rodeo is a upbeat piece that is a celebration of the American west and reflects a specific picture we have of ourselves. Rodeo originated from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, with the music composed by Copland and the dance choreography by Agnes de Mille. The Ballet had it 's premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House on October 16, 1942. The ballet 's scene starts at Burnt Ranch where a cowgirl is competing with other

  • Personal Narrative: Nutmeg Ballet Summer Extensive

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    “Don’t be nervous.” This was the last thing my mom said to me before I entered my first audition for a ballet summer intensive. I was eleven. I did ok and I ended up getting in but like always there were things to improve on. Little did I know then that the teachers are always looking for three things; technique, confidence, and artistry. The audition was for Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory. The class was being held at the Alvin Ailey School in New York City. Being my paranoid self, I was there two hours

  • New York City Ballet Analysis

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    New York City Ballet: Moves On March 12th through the 13th the New York City Ballet preformed their forgoing show, Moves at Christopher Newport’s Ferguson Center of the Arts. The New City Ballet is one of the cutting edge American dance companies of this generation. Founded by Lincoln Kirstein and George Balanchine in 1946 this company has been dancing strong for 70 years. “The foremost creative ballet troupe in the world” announced by the New York Times. The first performance piece was “Hallelujah

  • Judith Jamison: A Famous Ballet Dancer

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    Judith Jamison is a famous ballet dancer and a choreographer. She had also been in the movie “A tribute to Alvin Ailey” and wrote the book “Dancing spirit”. She had achieved many things in life and had many major awards. I had chosen Jamison because she has gone so far from where she has started when she was six. Also because she continues to inspire me and many other people. Early life Judith Anna Jamison had been born on May 10, 1943 in Philadelphia. Jamison's parents enrolled her in the Judimar

  • The Nutcracker Ballet Techniques

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    shirt or a leotard worn underneath his tights and a dance belts underneath his tights for extra support. All dancers wear soft flat ballet shoes, females wear pink or beige and males wear black or white. Females are required to place their hair into a bun for freedom of movement and for the instructor to be able to see all body lines. Styles of ballet Romantic ballet displayed exaggerated and intense emotions to enhance the experience. This took place during the romantic era in the mid-19th century

  • Betty Marie: A Well-Known Ballet Dancer

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    Betty Marie was a well-known ballet dancer. She came from a rough childhood, and grew into a trained athlete. She started her career small and ended it large. She was an influence to all girls in the world, and this is how she started. She grew up in a Native American reservation in Oklahoma. She described herself as a typical Indian girl. She said she was shy, docile, and introverted. As a child she used to sit at her grandma’s feet and listen to the stories that she would tell about fire spirits

  • The Nutcracker Ballet

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    It’s as part of Christmas as reindeer, stockings and candy canes. During this time of the year ballet companies around the world are presenting their rendition of the “Nutcracker” ballet and many people are planning their visit to see the ballet. For many this is the only ballet they will ever attend. The “Nutcracker” is the most popular ballet in the world. The “Nutcracker” ballet is based on the story "The Nutcracker and the King of Mice" written by E.T.A. Hoffman. While different from the original

  • Petrushka Ballet Analysis

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    Known as one of the most popular of the Ballet Russes, the production Petrushka, choreographed by Michel Fokine with music composed by Igor Stravinsky, presents an unconventional approach to ballet in the early 1900’s. Fokine combined his ballet experience and knowledge of the dramatic arts to design a highly stimulating production that’s influence has allowed many dance academies to continually perform. The four scene ballet tells the story of love and jealousy between three puppets at a fair in

  • How Did Anna Pavlova Contribute To Ballet

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    Anna Pavlova In the course of the early twentieth century, Ballet stood at the pinnacle of the art of dance as one of the most classical and respected art forms to ever exist. The Imperial Russian Ballet had been highly established as an esteemed influencer to the way the art of ballet was being portrayed globally. Anna Pavlova was first and foremost a Russian prima ballerina, whose entrancing performances captivated audiences all around the world. Of course other ballerinas throughout history have

  • Weight Restrictions In Ballet Dance

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    30 8. Appendix 31 1. Introduction “What are the physical effects of weight restrictions on the body of a ballet dancer between the ages of 17-19 years old?” The aim of this research is to understand and research why there is a certain weight requirement for ballet dancers and the impact these weight requirements have on the performance of the ballet dancers. Required weight will also be explored. Mixed research will be done.