History Of Ballet Essay

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Topic: Understanding of ballet
Art and architecture
“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” The above quote by the eminent French Philosopher Voltaire speaks volume about the importance of dance. Human beings from time immemorial have danced for various reasons. Initially, it was for celebration, worship, or pleasure. There is a great variety of dance forms across the world and of the all dance forms; ballet is an extremely popular one with its origin in the 15th century in the Italian Renaissance courts. It is famous for its graceful movement, difficult steps, and emotional expression. In this respect, it is worthy to develop a deep understanding of ballet.
Ballet has always managed to transport its audience to a dream world where female dancers dance on pointe i.e. shift their whole body weight on tips of their feet and male dancers gracefully lift the …show more content…

In ballet, these positions of the feet and arm are five for each. In ballet, the emphasis is on keeping the spine generally in a vertical position i.e. free from gravity force to a certain extent. Eminent movement specialist Dr Ann Hutchinson Guest, founder of the language of dance approach has pointed out that” In ballet a marked movement of the center of gravity before a step, often started from a high support, causes a slight falling called tombé” (p. 53). She further emphasized that tombé occurs in varied speed i.e. sometimes faster and sometimes slower. However, many years before the foundation of the language of dance approach, an accomplished dance artist named Rudolf Laban significantly contributed in the ballet dance form by founding a unique movement coding system called ‘Labanotation’. He not only investigate the 3D staging of choreutics i.e. the basic steps in ballet, but also promoted recreational ballet to a considerable

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