African American Culture

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Over the course of many years, African Americans have influenced communities in many ways. African Americans have been used as slaves and segregated. After overcoming these struggles, they later were granted freedoms and rights. Many African American individuals have overcome these hard times and worked hard to achieve their dreams. Misty Copeland, Patricia Bath, and Madam C.J. Walker are courageous African-American women who have overcome racial stereotypes because of their determination to pursue what they love; Misty Copeland’s determination led her to pursue dance, and Patricia Bath and Madam C.J. Walker were strong, African American entrepreneurs. African Americans may use many things to express their culture. Women often style their hair in various ways. Some of these styles include box braids, cornrows, bantu knots, and crotchet braids. Other ways African American culture is expressed and celebrated is during holidays. Black History Month is a month that Americans acknowledge the African heritage. Juneteenth, June 19, commemorates the day the slaves were set free. Other holidays include Kwanzaa and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. On the other hand, African Americans have and are still experiencing many struggles. Police brutality is a serious problem in the U.S. Movements such as “Black Lives Matter” have been started to raise awareness on police brutality and prejudice against African Americans. This movement is believed to be controversial because many people think
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