Compare And Contrast Essay On African American Women

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When people think of natural hair they think of nappy, crunchy, and dry brittle hair. The people who thought that are wrong. Natural hair is beautiful curls and coils that define African American women. Natural hair is better than relaxed hair because it has a beautiful texture, multiple hair styles can be applied, and natural hair grows much faster. Natural hair has a beautiful texture that makes African American women diversed. The hair texture varies from wavy curls to tight curls. When natural hair is treated, it has a natural shine and relaxed hair cannot do. It’s texture is very soft and moisturized unlike relaxed hair. Relaxed hair is a chemical that is put into the hair to make it straight and can cause damage to the hair. People …show more content…

Natural hair grows every day when it is treated properly. Natural hair grows faster because of the products needed to put into the hair. Common items needed to put into natural hair are coconut, olive oil, shea butter, honey, eggs, and yogurt. Notice all of these products are not chemicals. Coconut makes hair softer, olive oil and shea butter makes it shine, honey keeps it moisturized, and eggs and yogurt keeps it growing at a rapid pace. These products can be bought in any grocery store. The products can be absorbed or put into the into by hand. Stretching natural hair also makes it grow faster than relaxed hair. If relaxed hair is stretched, it can cause breakage. Ways to stretch natural hair are using protective styles. The big cop is commonly known for African American women to start fresh with the natural trend.
Heat damage, split ends, and hair growing every month is not what people want to happen to their hair. If people have natural they won 't have to deal with these situations. Natural hair can define any African American by its unique texture, amazing hairstyles and the natural products that be put into the hair. People admire American American with natural hair who are brave enough to attempt authenticity in a world that rewards mediocrity and

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