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  • Modern Dance Research Paper

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    Ballet and modern dance are two different styles of dance. Ballet is a formal dance that originally began during the Italian renaissance of the 15TH and 16TH century. In ballet, dancers are to follow strict sets of rules such as correct posture, correct wardrobe, and finishing each exercise as it began. Modern dance is another form of dancing that took hold during the early 20TH century. This type of dancing was also very popular. Both styles requires the performers to train and be physically fit

  • How Did Martha Graham Influence Modern Dance

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    and choreographers, have created their own dance style that has changed the base of modern dance. Modern dance, which developed in the late 19th century and early 20th century, was a movement that opposed previous ballet traditions and interpretive dances. There are various modern dance styles, each with their own principals and creators. Modern dance pioneers, specifically Martha Graham, Erick Hawkins, and Lester Horton, have contributed to the modern dance world through their artistic styles, technique

  • How Modern Dance Developed In The United States And Germany

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    Modern Dance developed in the 20th century in the United States and Germany. By 1930, the U.S. became the center for dance experimentation. It began with Isadora Duncan, Loie fuller, and Ruth St. Denis in the United States. In Germany modern dance began with Rudolf Von Laban and Mary Wigman. Modern dance was influenced from the non-western dance cultures. Martha Graham was just a dancer inspired by Isadora Duncan and her dance which was modern dance. The movement style of Modern Dance involves posture

  • How Did Ruth St. Denis Influence Modern Dance

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    The Life and Work of the Divine Dancer, Ruth St. Denis The mother of modern dance paved the way for future generations of American modern dancers. Exotic and spiritual solos are the trademark of nearly all of Ruth St. Denis’s choreographic works. Greatly influenced by the Delsarte Method, Denis’s solos often had a focus on emotional intention behind the movements. Denis’s interesting style was a combination between the Delsarte Method and spirituality, both stemmed from childhood experiences.

  • Analysis: Pivotal Modern Dance And Technique Artist Erick Hawkins

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    Erick Hawkins: Pivotal Modern Dance and Technique Artist Erick Hawkins is a prime example of true success in the world of art. He poetically changed the world of modern dance and continues to change the world by the means of his company, Erick Hawkins Dance Company (EHDC), that still lives on today. Having been able to partake in an intensive provided by the EHDC, I have a deep appreciation for Erick Hawkins and the creations he has contributed to dance. What Hawkins has produced and the accomplishments

  • Ruth St. Denis's Influence On Modern Dance

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    Paper – Ruth St Denis There are many famous dancers and choreographers who have shaped modern dance and how it is performed nowadays. Ruth St Denis was without a doubt one of the most influential choreographers in the modern dance business and was the teacher of many successful dancers, who themselves reinvented modern dance and established new visions as well. One of her most notable impacts on modern dance was bringing ideas from eastern cultures into the western culture by incorporating them

  • Martha Graham's Influence On Modern Dance

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    to California in the 1910s. In Los Angeles, at the Mason Opera House, when Martha was only 17, she saw Ruth St. Denis perform. After seeing the show, she beseeched her parents to let her study dance. Due to her parents being strong Presbyterians, they would not let her. Martha Graham did modern dance. Some pieces that are the most impressive and famous include “Lamentation,” “Appalachian Spring,” “Cave of the Heart,” “Deaths and Entrances,” “Seraphic Dialogue,” and “Chronicle.” Later,

  • Costume Designer Role In Modern Dance

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    The Role of the Costume Designer in Modern Dance One of the most crucial but often looked over people involved in a performance are the costume designers. Costume Designers have a specific job with goals they must achieve by manipulating the use of certain tools, fabrics, colors, and texture. A costume designer’s goals can be easily broken down into five different categories. These categories include establishing the tone, time and place, character information, aiding the performer, and coordinating

  • Case Study: Pilobolus As A Modern Dance Company

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    Pilobolus is a modern dance company that has been taking the art of dance to unfamiliar territories since its establishment. The company is renowned for its unique characteristic of blending modern styles of dance with acrobatics and technology. The company also heavily emphasizes collaboration and engages people around the world through its education services and stunning performances. By breaking down barriers between disciplines and challenging the way we think about dance, the company has received

  • Texting In Modern Dance

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    Texting can have an effect on multiple parts of the body. I will be exploring my weight while texting. Many exploratory concepts are discovered in a modern dance environment. Modern dance is a free, explorative, and expression dance genre. Many of the movement explorations in modern dance are based on bodily concepts. These concepts were further developed through Laban Movement Analysis and Bartinieff Movement Fundamentals. Laban created a system for working with movement that facilitates an individuals’

  • How Did Alvin Ailey Contribute To Dance

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    through his techniques and his preeminent dance company. Despite racial issues of his time, he was able to overcome them, learn from one of the greatest modern choreographers who came before him, land a job on Broadway, and later create his own long living dances through his own dance company which began with all black dancers. His legacy lives in his ability to rise above racial issues and create a new community of African American dancers in modern dance. Born in Texas during the Great Depression

  • How Did Alvin Ailey Contribute To Dance

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    Alvin Ailey Alvin Ailey was an iconic symbol for modern dance during the 20th century. He broke barriers for African American performers and inspired many others. From being raised by a single mother in poverty, to establishing his own company, Alvin Ailey really made an impact in the world of modern dance. When Ailey passed away, The New York Times said of him, “you didn’t need to have known [him] personally to have been touched by his humanity, enthusiasm, and exuberance and his courageous stand

  • Research Paper On George Balanchine

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    as the world’s greatest choreographer from his time with the Ballet Russes in Russia to the New York City Ballet, forever changed twentieth-century American dance schemes through his extensive work with his prima ballerinas ( American dance, as we know it today, would merely be a weaker duplication of traditional European dance without the important lyrical foundations that he established through his work (Encyclopedia of World Biography). George Balanchine became the most prosperous

  • Revelations Alvin Ailey Analysis

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    his childhood, Alvin Ailey was born in 1931 to a large extended family, in a small town in Texas (Study Guide: Alvin Ailey, 2008). Upon his parent’s separation and financial difficulties he moved to LA with his mother, where he became introduced to dance and eventually became one of the most influential choreographers of the 20th century (Study Guide: Alvin Ailey, 2008). This article will focus on how Ailey’s life experiences are reflected in his choice of movement and non-movement components; highlighting

  • Differences Between Jazz And Modern Dance

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    Jazz and modern dance are two different genres of dance. Jazz dance started in the early 1700’s in Africa and was brought to America through the slave trade. Two pioneers that influenced jazz dance were Jack Cole and Katherine Dunham. Jack Cole was called “the Father of theatrical jazz dance” and is remembered as the prime creator of the jazz heritage. Katherine Dunham was known for her leadership of African American jazz dance and started her own dance company. Modern dance started in the early

  • How Did Alvin Ailey Contribute To Dance

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    Alvin Ailey (1931-1989), American choreographer and activist became one of the leading figures in the 20th century modern dance. He began dance training at age of eleven. At this age he was learning classical, folk, social, and modern dances. He started studying extensive dance at the age of 19 with Lester Horton in 1949. He joined Lester’s dance company in 1950. After a few years, Alvin made his debut in the Broadway musical House of Flowers and in The Carefree Tree. He also had the opportunity

  • How Did Alvin Ailey Contribute To Dance

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    Alvin Ailey was one of the Pioneers of Dance. Alvin Ailey was well respected and cared for. He started off his spontaneous dance career when he debuted on broadway in 1954. It took him 4 years to develop his own dance company in 1958, which helps african americans to start off their massive and successful careers. From how he grew up to his death, in 1989, I will take you on a journey through his amazing dance career. Alvin Ailey grew up with one parent. His mother, Lula Elizabeth Ailey, was a

  • How Did Alvin Ailey Contribute To Dance

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    Ailey was a prevalent modern dance choreographer in the 20th century known for breaking down the racial barriers within dance. Born in Rodgers, Texas and growing up around the era of social rebellion and the fight for reconstruction of cultural stereotypes, Alvin Ailey’s company played an important role in the civil rights movement. Founding the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in December 1958, Ailey brought the vision of greater racial equality and used his modern dance as a platform for both

  • Martha Graham Dance Analysis

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    technique is a modern dance technique created by American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham. Argentine tango is a social dance originating at the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this comparative essay, I evaluate the relationship between Martha Graham Modern Dance and Argentine Tango in terms of their historical context, each dance cultures’ current contexts, dance elements, and conclude with an analysis of dance excerpts. The origins of both dance cultures

  • Lester Horton's Dance Techniques

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    Modern Dance is defined as being a dance style that focuses on a dancer's interpretation as opposed to the structured steps of Ballet. It was developed in the early twentieth century, primarily in Germany and the United States. The dance style was a rebellion against the rigid formalism of Ballet. The pioneers of the dance style were Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, and Ruth St. Denis in the United States, Rudolf von Laban and Mary Wigman. Modern dance is known for its nature-like and free flowing movement