Modern Dance Research Paper

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Ballet and modern dance are two different styles of dance. Ballet is a formal dance that originally began during the Italian renaissance of the 15TH and 16TH century. In ballet, dancers are to follow strict sets of rules such as correct posture, correct wardrobe, and finishing each exercise as it began. Modern dance is another form of dancing that took hold during the early 20TH century. This type of dancing was also very popular. Both styles requires the performers to train and be physically fit. Furthermore, they must display great technique to perform many of the dance moves that are required. Although both are popular forms of dances, the fact that there are different requirements have truly pushed these forms of dance in different directions over the course of time. Ballet requires specific techniques and patients for both the students and the instructors. Ballet follows a strict set of formalized moves and positions to allow the dancer the greatest opportunity to move gracefully …show more content…

Ballet speed is considered by many as graceful flowing movement where precision is very important. Where modern dance is usually performed at a much faster pace where energy is the element with less emphasis on precision. Bournonville is a perfect example how the emphasis of was slow and fluid. In Bournonville the performer a lifted torso while the legs kept beat with the melody. The guiding principles of the Bournonville method is that the performer should maintain natural grace and harmony between body and music that was being played. Hip-Hop dance is another form that is on the other end of the spectrum when speed it discussed. Hip-Hop it performed at high speeds were there are no set rules and the performer dances freestyle, where they can moved as they please. Although both ballet and modern dance are performed today, these styles definitely went in separate direction over the

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