Persuasive Essay: Is Dance A Sport?

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Is Dance A Sport? How much longer will the controversy of dance continue? Some people agree that it is a sport and others disagree. Most people who disagree about dance being a sport do not know enough about it. Dance is a sport because it requires work ethic, athletic ability, and builds confidence and emotion.
One reason why dance is a sport is because it requires work ethic. There are so many things dancers do that are equivalent to any other sport: “We compete, It’s a workout, We stretch, We gain muscle, You need good stamina, We have uniforms, We could have equipment, We have to remember things, We get injured, Dance is difficult.” (10 Reasons Why Dance Is A Sport). The evidence states everything that dancers do. If a football or soccer …show more content…

What items are thought of when the word sport is said? When most people think of sports, the first thing that comes to mind is whistles, rules, and officials (Grim). Baseball is considered a sport, but there are no whistles in baseball. Just like dance, there are no whistles. The list of rules and requirements goes on and on for dance. Also, like any other sport, dance has officials. At a dance competition there is a panel of 3-5 judges. You can get points off for anything and everything. There is never any information about dance being publicly announced. Whenever a sports tv show is on, there are never any highlights about dance (Weebly). Dance could be just as popular as any other sport. The sport tv shows could be bragging about this dance team winning first place, that dancer winning a title for a solo, highest scoring routine, or anything big in the dance world. Dance could be as popular if it was given a chance. Some people think anybody can dance: “If you can walk… you can dance!” (Knuth). There are many other aspects of dance then just learning the “moves”. A dancer must have well trained technique, flexibility, muscular body, know terminology, memorize steps and so much more. There are so many important aspects of dance most people do not realize. If dance was given more publicity, more people would view it as a

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