Is Dance A Sport Essay

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Is Dance a Sport or an Art? Some people think dance is not a sport. They think it’s an art because it is nothing but remembering dance moves. However, I believe dance is a sport. It requires a lot of endurance. Dance requires a lot of practice and can sometimes take up 2 or 3 days a week. Dance is a sport because it requires strength, practice and flexibility. Dance is a sport because it requires a lot of strength. The word athlete is defined as “a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength.” Dancers need a lot of strength to jump high, turn without falling over and keep up with the dance overall. Daily training is needed to keep a dancer’s strength up. Sit-ups, running, push-ups, and …show more content…

If athletes do not stretch before they play they might get injured right? Well the same thing goes for dancers. If a dancer does not stretch before she dances she or he has a high risk for injuries which can keep you out of dance for a long time which no dancers wants. Us dancers need to be able to do splits, high kicks, jumps, leaps, etc. which all require flexibility. During a practice dancers stretch sometimes for 25 minutes alone sometimes longer. Most dancers have a class just for stretching. As a dancer of 10 years I understand how important it is to be flexible and how hard one has to work to achieve maximum flexibility. “You could paralyze yourself if you fall when you are on pointe shoes. Dancers suffer from knee hyper extensions, which means your knees get pulled backwards. Back injuries are common in dance.” These are some of the many injuries a dancer can get. They are at high risk of getting these injuries if they do not stretch properly and daily. Dance is a sport because it requires strength, practice and flexibility. All three of these things are just a few of the reasons why dance is considered a sport. Strength, practice and flexibility is required in all sports. An example is gymnastics. Why is gymnastics considered a sport but dance is not? Gymnastics is similar to dance in a way. So why does one get to be called a sport and one isn’t. Dancers are strong mentally and physically. Next time you’re about to

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