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  • Pain Perception Of Pain Essay

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    Pain perception and physical injury are terms that relate to pain and pain processing. The purpose of this essay is to offer a description showing evidence that the entirety of ‘perception of pain’ does not solely rely on ‘physical injury’. In order to give this, the essay will try to define these two terms separately. This will include a short description of the pain pathways including certain processes that enables gating of pain perception. There are instances, factors and circumstances that enables

  • Chronic Pain

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    Chronic pain presents a number of challenges to researchers and clinicians, leaving many patients to endure and suffer chronic pain for many years and even a lifetime for some. Attempts to understand, treat and alleviate the suffering caused by pain is one of the most important aspects of healthcare and medicine. The subjective nature of the pain experience and the different pathophysiological mechanisms involved in pain all contribute to the challenges in understanding and treating chronic pain. Conventional

  • Musculoskeletal Pain

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    Musculoskeletal pain continue to be substantial setback for public health thus, studies on musculoskeletal symptoms due to schoolbag use have been a subject of interest by many researchers. Musculoskeletal discomfort (MSD) can be described as tension, fatigue, soreness, heat or tremor (Van der Grinten and Smitt, 1992), feeling of effort, pressure in muscles, cramps, stiffness, ache, tingling/numbness, etc in muscles or non-muscular tissue (Reenen et al, 2008). Long term MSD or pain may lead to potential

  • Essay On Knee Pain

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    Pain behind knee is one of the most nagging health issues in the world. Our knees are vital in the human body and they are like a suspension system helping the body carry our weight. They help in our mobility and in event of really heavy physical activity we can actually cause a lot of damage to them even injuries. If you are casual and do not give your behind the knee pains attentions you can aggravate the problem. This leads to immense leg pains and affects the tendons, muscles and cartilages.

  • Neck Pain Essay

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    10. Maintain supportive posture. Poor posture can cause neck pain by straining muscles and ligaments that support the neck, resulting in injury over time. The head and shoulders forward posture is the most common example of poor posture that contributes to neck pain. This is when the neck slants forward, placing the head in front of the shoulders. For every inch the head shifts forwards, an extra 10 pounds is added to the muscles in the upper back and neck. A 5-inch forward shift results in 50 extra

  • Acute Pain Control

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    Acute pain can be described as being mild to severe and can last for weeks and up to six months. This type of pain stops when the actual cause of the pain has been treated properly or alleviated. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2006) “approximately 76.2 million, one in every four Americans, have suffered from pain that lasts longer than twenty-four hours and millions more suffer from acute pain.” An important aspect of patient care is pain control which can be accomplished

  • Pain Management In Nursing

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    Everyone experiences pain at some point. From the patient in the most dire circumstances in urgent care to the little kid with a sprained ankle. Pain is universal. Yet, it continues to plague individuals all over the world. Pain Management and the post-surgery healing processes are a difficult area to study based on the personal nature of how each individual patient deals with and visualizes their own pain and recovery. Still, nursing researchers and practitioners are constantly looking for

  • Postoperative Endodontic Pain

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    Experiences of pain lead to anxiety for both patient and clinician before and after root canal treatment. Pain is not always associated with sensation to noxious stimuli but also associated with the individual experiences, anxiety, stress, expectations and personality. Though the pain may not be a sign of endodontic failure, relieving pain is of utmost importance for the acceptance of endodontic procedure. Postoperative endodontic pain continues to be a significant problem facing the dental profession

  • Pediatric Pain Assessment

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    of self-reported pain intensity in children and adolescents Summary: In "measurement of self-reported pain intensity in children and adolescents"; the authors describe the different methods used to assess pediatric pain intensity and review the commonly used, self reported measurements of pain. The authors compiled the results of several systemic reviews to determine which pain assessment technique would deem most appropriate and accurate. The author recognizes that accurate pain assessment using

  • Essay On Sciatic Pain

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    the most common form of back pain, sciatic nerve pain. OUCH! The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body (1) and is comprised of two nerves, “tibial and common fibular—bound together by a common sheath of connective tissue. It splits into its two divisions, usually at the knee. Injury to the sciatic nerve results in sciatica, pain that may extend from the buttock down the posterior and lateral aspect of the leg and the lateral aspect of the foot” (1). Sciatic pain has a range, “from a mild ache

  • Creative Writing On Pain

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    wave of uncontrollable pain washes over your body, through your bones, draining any last hope of staying conscious. This time you wake to a sharp, pulsing pain in the left side of your head. You try to move, but every single one of your muscles seems paralyzed, too heavy to move. Loud wails and beeps of machinery crawl into your head from every direction, jabbing your brain. Thinking about what could have happened is impossible, for your brain is punctured by boundless pain. You can 't move, you

  • Pain: Case Study: Specificity Theory Of Pain

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    Topic Name: Pain Student Name and ID numbers: Mariam Haitham Alnweran U15106145 Section No.: 71 Instructor: Veena Raigangar Laxman What is Pain? Pain is a subjective symptom that can’t be measured but described verbally, its stimulus caused usually be injuries, diseases or illnesses, but since the pain is a psychological awareness, in some cases it may happen without actual damage and described as if the damage happened. Pain can be affected by many factors like age, gender and

  • Essay On Pain Assessment

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    in the accurate assessment of pain. Health professionals should take the time to speak and to the patients, listen to them as individuals to answer and duly take into account the limitations in communication. That people may have, for example, numbness or other language barriers. While patients report pain or do not wait until it has reached a serious level because they believe that the employee is "too busy"(Gray, 2005 Mackintosh 2005) The evaluation of effective pain must identify if the patient

  • Pain Definition Essay

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    Taken from a denotative point of view, pain is the experience when someone is uncomfortable and in grief, the physical discomfort might be caused due to external pressure, which is an injurious act or a malfunction in their physiological body mechanism. The meaning of this term can accordingly be taken in three alternate perspectives which could either suggest enduring, distress or torment in the ideal setting. However, in a subjective viewpoint, the term can be interpreted emotionally to imply

  • Neck Pain Case Study

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    Introduction: Neck pain is a common disorder. Poor posture might result in muscular imbalance that causes a faulty relationship among various body parts. Forward head posture is one of the most common cervical abnormalities that pre¬disposes individuals toward pathological conditions, such as headache, neck pain, temporomandibular disorders. Aim: The aim of the study was to find the relationship between CV angle and neck pain. Method: 50 patients were evaluated and included in the study. They were

  • Pelvic Pain Research Paper

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    CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN Overview Pelvic pain generally occurs in the lower bowel area. The pain may be constant or it can do a reversal and forward. If the pain is very severe, it can hamper your work consistently out. It is a pain in the pelvic area (the region under the belly or more of the sides) that continues to not less than 6 months. You may feel a dull ache or can be strong. The pain can be mild, or it can be suitably shocking to interfere with the normal work consistently out. Causes Some causes

  • Back Pain Benefits

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    Chronic back pain has an effect on every aspect of a person 's life. It makes it difficult to work, do household chores, or even enjoy time with family. To attempt to alleviate this painful condition, many people turn to prescription pain killers, but these are dangerous and addicting. Luckily, there are some much safer alternative back pain relief options that can help. Hot and Cold Packs By alternating hot and cold packs to the affected area, the inflammation and swelling are significantly reduced

  • Pain Management In Nursing

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    Everyone experiences pain at some point. From the patient in the most direct circumstances in urgent care to the little kid with a sprained ankle. Pain is universal. Yet, it continues to plague individuals all over the world. Pain Management and the post-surgery healing processes are a difficult area to study based on the personal nature of how each individual patient deals with and visualizes their own pain and recovery. Still, nursing researchers and practitioners are constantly looking for

  • Lumbar Pain Case Study

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    the patient was seen for re-assessment of chronic mechanical and myofascial pain in the lumbar region. She has undergone two lumbar surgeries, as well as a left abdominal hernia repair and a revision of the ventral hernia repair. She reports of increasing lumbar pain, described as aching, burning and stabbing that radiates into the bilateral lower extremities with paresthesias and numbness. Her pain level is an 8/10. The pain is more prominent in the left upper extremity. She did undergo the bilateral

  • Pain Assessment Essay

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    Many individuals say that pain is what the patient says, and it occurs wherever the patient says it does. Pain assessment can be complicated, subjective, an unpleasant experience and it sometimes cannot be explained. It means different things or levels to different people. Some believe there is no correct or incorrect responses to pain. As a surgery nurse, we evaluate our patients for pain behaviors, such as facial grimacing, agitation, rubbing painful areas, increased heart rates, raised blood pressures