Pain Medication Effects

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Leading Effects of Pain Medications We often feel comfortable about what medications doctors prescribe to aid us to a comfortable recovery. It makes us feel more comfortable of knowing that pharmacists put warnings of side effects on medication bottles, but we are still unaware of the true side effects and what we are putting into our bodies. When pain, fever, or illnesses take over our bodies it is set in our mind that immediately we need Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen or other related medications that will help us feel better. Although, pain medication is much needed at a point in everyone’s life, there are dangers in our everyday pain medications we take that are much more serious than what is printed on the warning label on the side …show more content…

Illnesses, diseases, and also age have effects of medication; as well as weight. Every medication taken into digestion of the body is very acidic that eats at the liver. Over periods of time liver functions become different in infants, children, adults, and elderly. Although studies have shown, the results that the excess use of Ibuprofen in children might be associated with the increased risk of AKI, acute kidney injury (Jiang, Pengli). Also in studies, ibuprofen can infrequently cause serious (rarely fatal) ibuprofen may cause ulcers, bleeding or holes in the stomach or intestines (Lifescript). Older adults are at higher risk of bleeding and ulcers because their organs and immunity becomes more vulnerable with age. If elderly take Ibuprofen medication over long periods of time it also may cause liver disease and may be a harder and longer recovery. There is always the possibility that a person can be allergic to Aspirin or Ibuprofen, but the allergy ratio for allergic reactions for Ibuprofen is very low. On the other hand, Aspirin seems to have the highest ratio of allergic reactions that consist of swelling of the throat, hives, or high fevers. More complications can come for people with high blood pressure, painkillers can push high blood pressure higher, they can even be dangerous. (WebMD) Keep in mind that these effects are usually due to long term consumption of the …show more content…

According to chemistry studies, “it appears to decrease the chances of stroke and heart attacks. It may even lessen the likelihood of colon, stomach, and rectal cancer” (McGraw-Hill). To know that the pain of your infant, child, or grandparent is taken down to the minimum of pains peak using medication is really the only option left for a caregiver to use. Ibuprofen is more fat soluble than aspirin. Ibuprofen has a good effect on some people, rather than a bad effect in others. Aspirin like medications are the most useful drug that has been discovered for the ease of pain, without having the cause of dizziness, or considered a street

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