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  • The Opioid Crisis

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    act as a pain reliever. Most opioid drugs like morphine and hydrocodone that treat severe pain, contain the products of these poppy plants. Opioids are powerful narcotics that have over the years been taken advantage of but should exclusively be for medical purposes only prescribed by physicians. Nabarun Dasgupta is a pharmaceutical epidemiologist who has a Ph.D. in pharmacy from the University of North Carolina. Nabarun wrote a peer-reviewed article about the opioid crisis and how economic factors

  • Opioids Persuasive Speech

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    The Opioid ban is where doctors are not able to prescribe patients their prescription drugs of opioids that they need. Opioids should be given to all those in need because many opioid alternatives are lest effective. Such as the alternative of therapy, and alternative medicines witch can potentially make matters worse for them. The opioid ban should not be administered due to resulting issues that could occur. To introduce this topic, I will talk about what opioids are, why the opioid ban

  • Essay On Opioids Today

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    Opioids Today Undoubtedly, the addictive nature of opioids has generated immense controversy in both the medical community and population of the United States. During the last decade, the increase of people addicted to opioids has grown steadily, among them; you can find ordinary people but celebrities, athletes and soldiers thus charging many lives in their path. Despite this, it was not until after several months of political pressure that the current president of the United States, Donald Trump

  • Argumentative Essay On The Opioid Crisis

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    in the United States, the nation is faced with a public health crisis so profound that in October 2017, President Trump declared the opioid epidemic to be a national public health emergency (Merica). President Trump’s declaration came after numerous studies indicating the danger opioid addiction posed; for example, a 2016 study entitled “Increases in Drug and Opioid-Involved Overdose Deaths—United States, 2010-2015” claimed that drug overdose deaths “nearly tripled during 1999-2014,” reaching a startling

  • Opioid Epidemic: A Literature Review

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    Community Strategies to Address the Opioid Epidemic: A Literature Review Francis Melaragni Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University Abstract Introduction The impact of opioid drug abuse which includes both misuse of prescribed medication and illegal consumption of heroin and other opioids has become and been declared a public health emergency in Massachusetts and many other states. This problem has also been recognized as an urgent issue at the national level

  • Argumentative Essay On Opioids

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    written by doctors for opioids have increased from 76 million to 207 million. Opioids are a drug class that were developed originally, to treat severe pain for people who are dying of cancer or other severe illnesses. This began when pharmaceutical companies assured the medical community that people would not become addicted to opioid pain relievers. As a result doctors began to prescribe opioids more frequently. There are different kinds of opioids. Semi-synthetic opioids include hydromorphone,

  • Public Health Belief Model: A Case Study

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    my current Public Health issue of Opioids and Heroin: Drug treatment for individuals suffering from chronic pain and become addicted to prescription medication. I chose three health interventions to apply to my current Public Health issue. Opioid withdrawal may be difficult and is the primary reason for prescription drug abuse and relapse. The most effective treatment for narcotic addiction its methadone, a long-acting opioid. Methadone activates the same opioid receptors as other narcotics and eliminates

  • Prescription Drug Abuse Essay

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    Millions of people taking medications are not aware of the dangers of prescription drug addiction. Fortunately, when the dangers are recognized, people can take steps to cut back on prescription medications. The Dangers of Lortab and other Opioids Opioids affect the central nervous system. The

  • Opioid Crisis Analysis

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    The paper on triple aim for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs’) provides great insight into how we can contribute to solving the opioid crisis as curbing the opioid crisis will contribute to lowering cost, improving quality and improve population health overall. Given that by their nature and function seeks to coordinate and improve multiple teams and levels of healthcare providers and professionals insurers and patients which can be very complex. The paper used a very effective High Reliability

  • Persuasive Essay On Opioids

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    of these are not caused by the prescription of opioids. A drug abuse crisis is overtaking the U.S. Drug abuse kills over 200,000 people worldwide each year, although only .002 percent of these deaths are caused by the prescription of opioids. 117 million people suffer from a chronic illness, many of which need the prescription of opioids to function on a daily basis. Even though many people abuse them, doctors should not stop prescribing opioids because they are necessary for many people to function

  • Essay On Morphine

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    think about its benefits as a medical treatment. There are so many painful health conditions that people face nowadays, such as cancer pain, a pain after a major surgery, a pain after major trauma or injury, or a heart attack. Morphine is a strong opioid painkiller that is used to treat those conditions to relieve the pain. Although morphine is addictive and can ruin a user’s health, it also has benefits as a medication. In the 18th century, Europe had a high demand for Chinese goods but the Chinese

  • Opioid Informative Speech

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    Hi Noshaba, Thank you for your presentation. You have a very profound question as to the role of physical therapists in opioid addiction. It reminded me of the very inspiring words of the APTA president, Dr. Sharon Dunn (American Physical Therapy Association [APTA], 2015). I would like to quote what she said: “Physical therapists can help individuals manage pain, and greater use of physical therapy could make a real impact on the tragic levels of drug abuse in this country- abuse that often begins

  • Tramadol Research Paper

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    Tramadol is a generic version of Ultram which is a synthetic analgesic medication. Although the exact process by which tramadol works is not known, it is believed to function just as morphine does. This involves binding the opioid receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for the transmission of pain sensations throughout the body. Tramadol is prescribed by doctors for purposes of treating moderate to moderately severe pain. It belongs to a class of drugs called opiate agonists and

  • Painkillers Research Paper

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    main types are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioids. NSAIDs which are used to reduce pain, fever, and inflammation. NSAIDs work to reduce prostaglandins………… Opioids are an artificial drugs have the same effect as the opiate on the body. Opioids have two categories semisynthetic and synthetic opioids drugs. The opioids drugs affect the brain by acting on the opioids receptors. After taking high doses of opioids, addiction occurs that the body gets used to it, and will not respond

  • Tramadol: A Case Study

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    Tramadol is a synthetic opioid analgesic used to relief pain. It is an odorless powder, which is white, bitter, and crystalline in shape and it is readily soluble in water and ethanol. The molecular formula of tramadol is C16 H25 NO2 . HCl and figure 1 shows the chemical structure of tramadol. In the 1960s, Grünenthal GmbH developed tramadol. It has an analgesic potency that is about one tenth of that of morphine. In addition to its pain relieving properties, it has anti-depressive and anxiolytic

  • A Brave New World Feminist Analysis

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    “Almost half of all women age 15-44 have used drugs at least once in their life. Of these women, nearly 2 million have used cocaine and more than 6 million have used marijuana within the past year. Most women drug abusers use more than one drug”( Women in Drug Abuse). In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley he predicted that everyone would live in a society that was calm and didn 't have bad tempers. Huxley created a drug called soma which would vanquish people 's emotions and they 're willing to

  • Methadone Research Paper

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    but also as a means of treating heroin addicts through the withdrawal stages of detoxification. Methadone is a synthesized narcotic that belongs to the opioid family. This drug is opiate agonists, meaning methadone activates the opioid receptors in a person 's’ brain by attaching to the receptors in the brain that produce the “high” of other opioids. Methadone essentially tricks the brain into

  • Essay On Misuse Of Prescription Drugs

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    Michael Klein, “The most prescription drugs that are commonly misused are opioids, tranquillizers, sedatives, and hypnotics.” Unintentional overdose deaths involving opioid pain relievers have quadrupled since 1999 and have outnumbered those involving heroin and cocaine since 2002. (Klein). The reason some people abuse opioids is just to “get high”. Taking too many of these types of pills can really mess you up. Abusing opioids can really affect your body more than you think. Also getting addicted can

  • Argumentative Essay On Ppe

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    free online opioid overdose training for law enforcement and medical personnel. There are several grants available from the manufactures of Naloxone and Narcan. Most Police Departments already provide gloves and masks to their Officers and the training needed is also free through the Drug Enforcement Administration. Also available at low cost is implementing an ANGEL type program. This program could tackle both the education of the community as well as helping those addicted to opioids. The risk

  • Pros And Cons Of Spinal Anesthesia

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    intraoperative and postoperative analgesia adrenaline being the first drug used and latest being dexmedetomidine. These adjuvants have their own advantages and limitations. Efforts to find a better adjuvant are underway since long. The addition of opioid does provide a dose sparing effect of local anaesthetic and superior analgesia but there is always a possibility of an increased incidence