Opioids Satire

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Opioids is a big issue because Americans are addicted to drugs especially opioids. After a surgery doctors give patients opioids because they are a pain killer. After patients have been taking opioids they soon are not in pain anymore but they keep taking the pills because it makes their body feel relieved. People get addicted to this and can’t function without them. There are many people that have been through this. Rachell Allen, a mother of three, talked about opioids and how they ruined her life. Allen’s kids left the house and she separated with her husband. Allen knew she was in trouble. She started to control her addiction and started talking to her kids again. Many others are not lucky enough to be able to do what Rachel did, or do …show more content…

People are using drugs either because they are depressed, in pain, or have a struggle they don’t want to face. Because these drugs are so addictive, people need money and resources to break the habit. This epidemic is a major social problem. Trump talks about how he wants to bring back Nancy Reagan’s idea about the “Just say no”program. This is to tell kids that if they get asked a drug, their job is to say no. Donald Trump wants to solve the problem with people giving federal money to stop the issue. Lins Thulia wrote the article “Trump Wants to Bring Back “Just Say No” to Fix the Opioid Epidemic”. Thulia, the author of this article, was against Trump and points out that Trump should just get back to building his wall. Thulia thinks Trump won 't do much about the problem. I think that doctors should give patients more information when prescribing opioids to patients. Many people that just had a painful surgery take opioids to stop their pain and then shortly get addicted after from taking the pills, I believe people would not get as tempted, and feel like it is ok to take opioids, if they knew they were highly addictive. Allen, a recovering addict, had to research her symptom to find out why she was having this temptation to take these pain killing pills when she was not even in pain. Allen’s doctor never told her about the danger of these “painkillers” but once Allen found out, she was concerned about herself, and knew she was addicted and in

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