Deteriorating Patient Reflection Paper

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While participating in the “Deteriorating Patient” simulation, learning to complete a Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation (SBAR) report while caring for a deteriorating patient was the most challenging task to complete. After receiving report and beginning the initial interaction with the patient, my confidence level was on a steady rise. Everything seemed to flow well and initiating conversation while building a rapport with the patient was also very easy to complete. Once the patient started to deteriorate, I found myself becoming unorganized and my thoughts were racing. Though I was managing the situation very well, I called for a charge nurse because I realized I needed help. After calling for the Charge Nurse and asking for assistance, my racing thoughts slowed down some. I used this moment to notify the provider of the patient’s status and request a visit to the patient’s room. Completing the SBAR with a provider in a moment where the situation was hectic is not something I do very well. My …show more content…

Providers may have limited time so they rely on the nurses to recognize the requirements for different pain medication and recommend what medications have worked for the patients in the past. Additionally, becoming comfortable with SBAR will help build confidence when communicating with other medical staff members.
Communicating with other medical staff members is very important, but recognizing pain in a patient is of more importance. Early identification of pain in a post-surgical patient is important in overall pain management. Some patients prefer not to take pain medication because they fear addiction or may have a history of substance abuse. Educating the patients on their right to be free of pain and having their pain managed aggressively is a priority in the recovery phase.
The goals that I hope to achieve during this clinical practicum

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