Management Of Care Case Study Essay

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Management of Care Case Study

Josepha is working on a medical surgical unit with three other RNs and one LPN. There is also a male and a female patient care tech. Josepha has been a nurse for four months, and after completing two months of orientation she takes a full assignment as a registered nurse. Josepha feels that the assignments she receives are not always fair, as she tends to get the most challenging clients. In addition, she is most frequently assigned any change of shift admissions. While she understands that she is part of a team, she often feels that the consistency of the inequity of these assignments is not fair. She is self-aware of how this is affecting her. As she starts her shift today she is again assigned to the
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Mary Harvey, a 42-year-old African American female, postop day 2 from abdominal surgery. Has an NGT still. She is also Muslim.
• Ms. White, a 60-year-old female, admitted 3 days ago with a diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia. She still is dyspneic with exertion and on 2L of oxygen via nasal cannula. Uses a walker.
• Mr. Raj Singh, a 68-year-old admitted with chest pain and scheduled to have a cardiac catheterization done today at noon. He is very anxious and rings the call bell every 15 minutes to ask whether he is going to die and if the cardiac catheterization is really necessary.
• Mr. George Rivera, a 38-year-old Mexican male, admitted with high blood sugars and newly diagnosed with diabetes. He is scheduled to be discharged today, but still needs some reinforcement of diabetes education. He does not speak English very well.
• Scheduled admission is Mrs. Mary Smith, a 75-year old black female admitted with change in mental status. ER calls to give report at 0800.
Based on the information provided determine the priority order in which the clients should be seen and the reasoning behind the nurse’s
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How might the ANA code of ethics and the Nurse Practice Act help to guide Josepha?
The legal and ethical issue that Josepha has to use is. He has to know how to discuss the issue he has with the higher or manager of the head nurse. It is good to communicate the issue you have with the managers instead of felling bad thing about them. As I read the “Team STEPPS makes strides for better communication”, some of the tools like; (SBARQ) is used in many organizations, especially during patient hand-offs. It provides a systematic way to convey patient information, which is essential during high-stress situations. In a stress situation, taking responsibility to prevent human errors. As ANA code of
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