Nursing Community Interview Paper

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Based on your readings from this section and the videos respond to the following questions and to 2 of your classmates.
Describe a challenging, diversity-related situation that you have faced, and likely will continue to face in your nursing career.
A challenging, diversity-related situation that I have faced, and likely will continue to face in my nursing career is caring post-operative patients with various pain and treatment beliefs. As a Med-Surg nurse, I often care for patients with countless diagnoses/surgeries and of various cultural beliefs and practices regarding pain and treatment beliefs. I once had three post-op CABG X3 with stents patients on my assignment of diverse cultural background and beliefs. I was amazed their health and …show more content…

For instance, one patient profoundly believed that if his cultural herb had been placed in boil water by his girlfriend during the surgery and his religious knot tie on his big toe after the surgery, he would not experience pain. While the other patient continuously denies the need for pain pills as well as any feelings of pain or discomfort even when his non-verbal cues suggest otherwise. And the third with the same invasive procedure, constantly yelling and screaming for his pain pills.
What made this situation a challenge is that their spiritual values was a challenge for me because each patient had different cultural practices and beliefs that th
• What is your desired outcome should you face this situation or one like it in the future?
Should I face this situation or one like it in the future, my desired outcome is effective pain management and while respecting my patients spiritual values and beliefs, as well as their perception of pain..
• Who or what can you consult with to assist you in better managing this situation?
I can consult with the physician and the unit manager to assist me in better managing this situation as well making pain referrals/ consults. I can also involve their family members to help better meet their cultural/religious beliefs

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