Resource Nurse Interview Essay

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Being a nurse, comes a great reward and unlimited enhancement of career ladders and promotion. An organizations true values to their nurses is that they encourage everyone to expand their skills and capabilities. One example is encouraging to be a resource nurse. An interview of a resource nurse, where she elaborated the meaning of being a professional nurse, an advocate for patients and families, and steward of the health care system. What is your role as a health care team member? Helen Hammond is an experienced resource nurse for more than ten years at Bakersfield Heart Hospital. She has an experienced in Critical Care Unit, Medical Surgical and other various hospital clinical settings for almost thirty years. She facilitates efficient flow of the patient care, staff work flow, accurate paperwork, and making sure that medical supplies and devices are working properly and accurately. She has capabilities to communicate to other staff, physicians, patients and families. Her experienced taught her to cope with certain challenging situations and able to utilize her critical thinking skills when solving any problems that may arise. Due to the standard of an organization, ability to think critically, efficient communication and …show more content…

While Helen defined professionalism, she described as “personal appearance, having knowledge or seeking out knowledge and speak from a point of knowledge”. A resource nurse believes that professionalism carries the image of an efficient nurse and thus, representing the mission of an organization. Furthermore, professionalism prevents from having any conflicts with other staff and can carry effective communication to other patient and families. Being a resource nurse, professionalism sets examples for other direct care staff to comply

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