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I have had the privilege to interview The Senior Chief Nurse Administrator/Health Research Analyst of the James A. Haley VA Medical Center. Dr. Jola Massengale Worked as a Registered Nurse for over twenty years, and in 2011 she earned her doctorate in Nursing Health Administration. Short after her graduation, she was promoted to Chief of Nursing Research, and two years later, she became the Senior Chief Nurse Administrator/Health Research Analyst. She was chosen for this interview because, in 2016, she was one of the key leaders to revamp the way the organization conducted their Las strategic planning process. Although the meeting was scheduled for one hour, it only lasted thirty minutes since Dr. Massengale was called away by the Hospital…show more content…
Her answer was that nursing leadership meets every two years to assess the strategic planning by using Strength, Weakness, Objectives, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis. Question two, three and four were about utilization of the strategic plan, her thought, and the strength of the strategic plan. Dr. Massengale took a moment to think, and then she replied, “It is hard to say, but the plan was to find better ways to improve the health while providing excellent care for our veterans, but it would not have been possible without involving all stakeholders in the discussion.” (J. Massengale, personal communication, 2017). She continues to say that the strength of a good succession plan, is to involve the front-line staff as well as the veterans…show more content…
She replied, “it is important to plan of having a keynote speaker, and make sure it 's a very motivated person, and ensure that there is an inviting environment, one which would encourage a culture of psychological safety, and equal say.” (J. Massengale, Personal Communication, April 13, 2017). Dr. Massegale believes in a team approach and felt that open communication is the key. She also advises to celebrate successes, for example, she was very satisfied with the turn out of the strategic planning day. The team celebrated the fact that they were able to discover new goals and new strategies on how to improve the nursing vision and mission. At the end of the day, we had the opportunity to create a roadmap on how, when, and who will help in executing the actions (J. Massengale, Personal Communication, April 13,

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