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In creating this portfolio, I am inclined to maintain a professional e-handbook, so to speak, of my educational and professional accomplishments over the years that reflect growth and development in my quest to be a competent nurse. Creating an e-portfolio allows for the safe documentation and archiving of my information that potential employers can have easy access to when I am in the process of seeking employment opportunities. Having an e-portfolio is a more efficient and effective way of utilizing technology to be more organized in keeping track of important information that could otherwise get lost or destroyed due to adverse events such as floods or fires. I am currently a working Registered Nurse at a long-term care facility in New Jersey and a student in the Bachelors of Science in Nursing online program at Thomas …show more content…

My interests in these two areas stem from the fact that I have worked in homecare before becoming a nurse and have seen how disenfranchised the elderly population can be. I hope to be one of the voices that can further advocate for them. I am from an island where healthcare is deficient in many areas due to the lack of medical manpower and supplies available which often lead to serious consequences. There are many areas like this around the world that could benefit from competent nursing practices. In addition to providing my services as a nurse, I am very dedicated to my immediate family, which consists of myself, my husband, and two sons. They have been very supportive of my endeavors to become a nurse and continue to support my continued efforts to further excel to my highest ability. In my down time, I like to visit museums and am an avid reader. I also have a passion for cooking, baking and can always be found in the kitchen creating something new for my family and friends to

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