Personal Statement: A Career As A Mental Health Nurse

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Personal Statement I am interested in studying for a degree in the Mental Health Nursing in your university, and I would like to make my career in this noble profession. I first considered nursing as a career some years ago, after I lost my father to a chronic kidney disease. The role played by the nurses in terms of care while he was in hospital and after his death was quite overwhelming. Although I had my first degree in Agricultural Economics, but this nothing in compare to the passion I later developed for nursing after the death of my father. I have since developed myself in health and social care sector by training and updating my skills. This ambition has futher been developed from various experiences gained working in different …show more content…

Thus, … responsibilities in working with the vulnerable people were the care and supervision of many of the residents who are suffering from the mental health conditions like schizophrenia. My experience working with the vulnerable people has convinced me that I must make this field my choosen career. It has provided me with a thorough understanding of the different types of conditions which are being faced by the patients. In addition, it has also helped me in the development of a sense of compassionate, empathy and the responsibility which is fundamental for dealing with the mentally ill

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