Personal Statement: A Career As A Pediatric Nurse

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When I was a child going to the doctor’s offices was one of my least favorite things to do. Yes I always got a sticker when leaving which made it semi-tolerable, but getting poked by countless vaccines and being asked a million questions was stressful for a young child. The nurses at my doctor’s office were always full of smiles, and happiness and made the experience go a little smoother. When I graduated high school I realized that I wanted to be the smiling face of the doctors office world, even though it would be hard seeing little kids sick or scared of the doctors office being the people person I am I decided being a pediatric nurse was what I truly wanted to do. Being a pediatric nurse involves working with children from a few days old all the way until they are in their late teenage years. I see this opportunity of being a pediatric nurse as being able to …show more content…

Wherever there are infants, children or teenagers regarding medical you can be sure to find a job. Children wards in hospitals, private doctors’ offices that specialize in pediatric, and local neighborhood affordable clinics for families in need are all excellent choices where pediatric nurses are needed. Salaries regarding pediatric nursing can vary based on where you are working, and also what degree and specialties you have completed. Pediatric nurses who are working in a hospital type of work environment make about $61,000 dollars annually. A pediatric nurse who works in a pediatric doctor’s office makes about $58,000 dollars annually. Pediatric nurses that work in the operating room assisting doctors, and surgeons in surgeries make about the same as emergency room pediatric nurses. While these are all workable salaries I think most people who choose to work in the pediatric field would agree that they don’t do it for the money. Becoming a pediatric nurse is a little more complex than becoming a

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