Becoming A Pediatric Nurse Essay

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Pediatric nursing is a great career choice because I will have the opportunity to interact with young children and help them. Also, there are many job opportunities in this field. The jobs for Pediatric Nurses are increasing over the years. It would be easy to find a good job in the field of Pediatric Nursing, while still working on improving my career. I plan to approach my career by going to college and working as a RN to gain some experience. This is a factual report because I have facts about being a pediatric nurse. My whole report has been collecting information about becoming a Pediatric Nurse. I am going to talk about how to become a pediatric nurse, the advantages, what you would do, and the flexibility of the job. A pediatric nurse …show more content…

Also, I am going to start getting paid when I am still doing my schooling because you have to start as a Registered Nurse. I would work to improve my patients and their family’s community and make them feel happy and healthy. They would be able to trust me and feel protected when they are around me to make my job easier. The biggest reason I chose this career is because I love children. I would love to help them and bond with them. If I am able to bond with the children, I would be able to work with them about their health. Being a Pediatric Nurse will take plenty of knowledge, but since this is what I want to do, I will accomplish the goals that need to be met in my career. Some of the daily responsibilities for this job are, educating patients’ families and caregivers about procedures, treatments and other types of medical care, providing support and guidance to young patients, communicating with pediatricians and other medical professional, recording patient vital statistics, symptoms and other medical information, monitoring patient growth and development, administrating treatment plans and medicine, and operate monitoring equipment. To be a successful Pediatric Nurse you must have these five qualities; Dedication, patience with

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