Personal Narrative: My Move To America

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The first eight years of my life, I spent in India where I was born. Growing up I was constantly reminded by my parents that I needed to make them proud by getting a good job and living a good lifestyle. They told me this because they did not want to see me live a hard life like they did. When I was nine years old, I moved from India to the United States of America. The reason why I moved to America was not because I was living a bad life in India, it was so that I could have a better education and more opportunities in life. When I came to America, I had to go through much struggle. First and the most important was that I did not know how to speak English. Apart from this I was very shy, so I didn’t communicate with people frequently. Growing up in America and being a son of two Indian parents, I never felt truly American or Indian. I spoke Punjabi at home, but was educated in English so I had difficulty managing two languages. I spoke Punjabi fluently but was unable to write it. Vice versa, I could write in English, but was hesitant to speak it. I felt like an outsider, not fully embraced by either culture …show more content…

I have always, like my dad, wanted to major in something in the medical field. Another reason why I want to become a nurse practitioner is that I have always had a passion about helping others. With this job I can communicate with the patients in their times of intense physical and mental sufferings. For example, If my patients are scared of getting a surgery, I could educate them that surgery is not always a bad choice. I would explain the procedure of the operation in a way that they could fully comprehend. In doing this, I can ease of their fear. It is immensely important to be able to translate the potentially frightening experience of surgery into the vastly beneficial procedure it is. Therefore, I think that pursuing such a career will provide me the opportunity to help patients fight their

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