Personal Narrative: My American Identity

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The American Identity is more than just being a citizen in America. What makes the American Identity is the diversity that exists in America. America is a melting pot, which consists of many ethnic groups, religions, and ideas. It isn’t the appearance that makes you American, it is your mind and the way one acts make one American. I am a kid who is part Korean, French, and Chinese. My mom is Korean and Chinese, and my dad is French and Chinese. I do celebrate Lunar New Year with some of my relatives on my mother’s side, but my dad doesn’t celebrate any French holidays. To be qualified as an American, one must be unique in their own way, and love freedom. People don’t just come to America for no reason. People want freedom and achieve goals …show more content…

I don’t identify myself as any one of those because I don’t feel like I fit in, in any of the categories because the way I was raised and the friends I made. When people ask me what ethnicity am I, I answer I’m American because I don’t really speak Korean, French, or Chinese, but I speak English so I feel I’m more American than Korean, French, or Chinese. I believe that I do add to the American Identity because I like sports like many other Americans and I love freedom. I don’t think I can live without freedom because I don’t like being trapped in a shell by someone. Also, I fit in the mold because I like to socialize with other people I don’t know because I just like to get along with other people. A quote that expands on this topic: “hence that strange mixture of blood, which you will find in no other country.” (Michael Jay Friedman) I think America is the only country one can find so much diversity and freedom because other countries don’t have as much freedom as America. “ Who I am (or say Iam) is a product of these and many other factors.” (Beverly Daniel Tatum) I agree with this quote because I am a product of many other factors and this is my identity and my own unique trait. This proves that I fit the mold in American

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