I Want To Be An American Essay

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What is an American? Is it just someone that lives in North or South America? Or does their geography even matter? Do you have to be white, or does ethnicity even matter? There are many confusions about what it means to be an American or how to become one. Even people that are Americans have delusions about what it means, and even how to respect their culture and history. There are many requirements that have to be meet to become an actual American, or commonly known as a citizen of the United States. The three main things that are required to be an American and uphold the honor that it takes to be an American are, being loyal to the United States, treating the common man with respect, and accepting what other are Americans, no matter their age, culture or ethnicity. To begin, loyalty is the single most important pillar of what it means to be an American. Being loyal is more than just doing your taxes and paying your bills, its standing strong and being proud of your culture as an American. You have to go that extra mile to show your loyalty, whether it’s cleaning up your neighborhood or just cleaning up your attitude. …show more content…

As a country at its core the United States was built upon immigrants. These people came from all over the world seeking the American dream. Germans, Irishmen, Italians, Russians, Africans, everyone from all corners of the world, and that’s what built this country. It wasn’t just the almighty so called superior white race of Americans. This country was built on the laboring backs of the immigrants that brought over their entire lives. Their families built their culture, and from that has branched off generation after generation of immigrants, but we forget this. There are many immigrants that made their place in the United States, which deserve to be called Americans more than some that are born in the U.S. We overlook how all of the cities were built around us, we forget the American

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