What It Means To Be An American Essay

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What Does It Mean To Be An American What does it mean to be an american? Isn’t that the question that every american citizen wonders at some point in their lives? It is a simple question that can be taken different ways and answered in many different forms. Some may answer as a personal opinion, others as a factual statement, I however agree with those who see it as an opinion. Every person in America is different in some way. We all go through life in varying manners, some choose to challenge the everyday laws, others cling to the authority hoping not to get noticed, we have different jobs, go to different schools, live in different neighborhoods, some of us have hundreds of family members, and some have none, theres no telling the situation. So the question in general is hard to answer because every American has a different view of living in america. Some people see it as shameful to live in such a cruel country, some are proud to be a part of something that is constantly evolving, there are endless feelings towards America and all are found in the people of this country. What does it mean to be an American? It is a very difficult question to answer and it seems impossible to get the right answer, but is there a right answer? I know that some people would go …show more content…

There are many people out there afraid of that question, afraid that if they answer it the wrong way, they will be harshly judged and outcast from society. We shouldn’t have to live in fear of not being accepted for who we are but that just so happens to be the horrible reality that we have to face. This is the country our children have to grow up in, confused about whether or not to support their country or secretly hide their true feelings. Can someone really be proud of the twisted lies, and buried secrets of this country? What does it mean to be an American, it means to be lied to, confused daily, to be judged, to have false rights, and to hope for a better

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