Essay On What It Means To Be An American

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What does it mean to be an American today?

Being an American isn’t hard,but sometimes people just like to not follow things. First thing is being to say The Pledge of Allegiance in school than sitting down on your lazy butt. Second thing is being yourself. Three thing is if you are at a game standing up and put your hand on our heart for The Star Stander Bender . It’s not that hard,but rude people don’t like to support American.

If you stand up in school and say the Pledge or just put your hand on your heart that supporting the United States and the people that fought for are free and supported American. If you sit on your butt and not support US Army and the people that died, then that’s just rude and you need to leave the USA and NEVER come back,because you don't deserve to be in a free country if you can't support the people that fought are country.

Next thing about being an American is being yourself. We have free for a reason and don’t be yourself, then you are wasting your freedom. A lot people don’t like to be there self because people judge them because they are being weird or their self,but who cares. You have freedom and having freedom is so you can be yourself,have freedom of speech. …show more content…

You should always do that no matter what. If you are handicapped than that's fine,but if you you sit down and don’t that it’s super rude. You should alway support are people that died,fought,or fighting are country. They never could of done that for us,but they did and they put their lives on the line to fight and keep us have a free country. It’s sad that people come here all around the world they can't even support our troops or are Obama took are flagged down that represent a war that people fought in. Another thing is support are flagged. Are flag means a lot to us and if it didn't mean nothing to you then you are not apart are country and should

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