Persuasive Essay On Why Veterans Are Important

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A veteran is someone who has served a long time in the military, no matter what their age. Veterans are important to our freedom because while serving their time, you have to remember that they are fighting for your right to be free in the United States. Without them, there wouldn’t be any freedom in this world. They fight for what they believe in and what is right for the country. You have to remember, these war vets are putting their lives on the line for people they don’t even know. Having a good understanding of this will brighten your mind on how much they devote their lives to this. When anyone chooses to go into the military, they will spend many months away from their family and loved ones. These vets defend everyone no matter what race, gender, age, or religion and they show that by giving us back the freedom that they fought for. To …show more content…

Through the years, many of these devoted people have lost their lives in the tragic wars through time. Many times, after war, veterans will get Alzheimer’s disease, which is when people become forgetful of many things. Knowing that this might happen people every day are losing their lives on the battlefield for their families to be able to live the life they want and chose to live. So, in my opinion a veteran should always be treated with respect even if they are still in their early twenties. Also, be aware of what they might have went through during the war period they fought through. I myself have to think sometimes about what other people might be going through, even though we have freedom over here, there are many wars happening and many people losing their lives. To me, a veteran is a hero in disguise that live among ordinary people and live ordinary lives. Veterans are people who make sure that when we die, we will die in peace on the very soil where they have walked. They dedicate themselves to defend a nation

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