Why Are Veterans Important To Me

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I have a few people in my family that are veterans. Their service means alot to me. I admire them for their for their bravery and loyalty to their country. They inspire me in many ways such as to be brave even if the situation requires only a small act of bravery, and to speak out against something I know is wrong. To me veterans need to be honored every day for their service. To me veteran is a person who risked their life so I could live in a better country. Throughout America’s history, we have depended on our soldiers to keep us safe and fight for our country while at the same time fighting for their families and their lives. Without veterans we couldn't enjoy the little things that we do now, we wouldn't be free. They fought for the people who couldn't fight for themselves. I believe that the soldiers who stood on the front lines to fight in wars are very brave. I also believe that the soldiers who were not in the front lines were just as brave to be there to support our country. Even those who are peacetime veterans are important and should be honored just the same. Peacetime veterans are home and get to be around their family while knowing that at any time they could be called in to fight. They fought so we don't have to walk around with the fear that at any moment we might lose our life or the lives of the …show more content…

They have to keep a clear mind while having to be a quick thinker. They have to be professional and smart all while their lives are being threatened. This may all sound easy, but every veteran knows it not. They know that even one wrong move could get you hurt or even killed. They know that if there is a chance that if something were to go wrong, that they might not ever be able to see their families again. With all that fear and worry going on in their head they have to stay focused and clear headed. All of these things is what makes a veteran brave and

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