What A Veteran Means To Me Essay

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Veterans Essay , Hunter Bradford

What a Veteran means to me. It means, freedom, honor, putting their life on the line everyday. So that me, my mom, my dad, my sister, my grandparents,and the rest of my family and friends can have freedom. We all have freedom and we owe them our respect because if it was not for God and a Veteran who knows how this world would be. We celebrate Veterans Day every year on November 11th to honor the men and women who served and is still serving our wonderful country. We shouldn’t honor a veteran just once a year but everyday because they are protecting us everyday. When we say the pledge in the mornings we should be thinking about our veterans and what they did for us. Many veterans we get to still celebrate with and some were not so lucky and didn’t make it back home to their loved ones. So we have …show more content…

Maybe it is because from them seeing people getting killed or maybe having to kill someone in war or other experiences they might have had. When a veteran returns home sometimes they can handle what they have seen and faced and some get post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from being in war and some take their own lives. When a veteran comes home like this it has to be hard not just on the veteran but their entire families. Its also hard on the veteran and the families when they leave for war. I think it would be for me just not knowing if they were going to return or not or if they did return could it be the same has when they left. In conclusion, we should always remember those who fought and are still fighting for us not just one time a year but everyday. We should be thankful for a veteran, because we have freedom to do the things we love where some countries do not get that privilege. We can hunt , fish, play basketball and see our friends and family. Some countries don’t get the freedom that we do. So when you see a VETERAN thank them for what they did for and

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