Personal Narrative: My First Vietnam War

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I’ve felt a lot of pain in my life. Physical pain, Mental pain. Just, pain! I have suffered with anxiety, I have had sleep troubles, I have grieved. But I can imagine the pain, or sorrow, confusion or despair that lurks out there on the battlefield. Emotions slithering around and slowing choking people to death. But not just regular people. But Veterans, soldiers , draftee, musketeers, those amazing, strong, powerful souls that stood their very own lives up for others. Facing death head on and screaming their names out for the people they love. And people need to respect that honor, that authority, those people that risked or even gave their own lives to us, for us. Giving to us so much, and we can give them so little. But on this day I respect, …show more content…

A lot of times all we say to them, once a year is good job. But that's not truly enough. Oceanport would be truly changed without these veterans. We would probably take some people for granted. It might be harder to give thanks to people. Saying things similar to, “Oh well they didn't do much.” Or “They never did anything for me.” But that person you may be talking down too might just have done a lot for you. Something you could have never done. Someone who has faced so much fear. And than you put them down. How would you feel personally? If I put down someone like that an apology would not personally be enough. I know all that I am talking about now is respect. But why respect? Why should we respect our veterans? What makes them so special that they need a day all to themselves. Now do not think i am saying this being greedy. But think in your head what makes a veteran. Not logically, but what makes them special. Is it because they are strong? Is it because they have hope? Or is it because they did more than just a simple favor for you. They served our entire country. Including you. But everyone born and raised in this country, has been paid in the sacrifices of our veterans. No more no

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