Argumentative Essay On Veterans

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Veterans are some of the bravest men and women that you will ever know. They fought for our country in our most desperate hours and risked their lives so we could have the chance to live ours. It is such a shame that they are ignored and even homeless in today 's society. I had wondered how we could get veterans of the street and back into the job world. After research I found that there are programs and methods put in place specifically to help these struggling veterans. In the article a world without work it is shown just how important labor is for not just veterans but all americans across the country, “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. veteran population was more than 21 million strong as of 2014.”, that 's 7% of the entire American population in 2014. This may not seem like a very large number but about 360,000 military members leave the service each year creating the need for more jobs. The problem with a lack of jobs for veterans is rooted at the lack of awareness of just how valuable these people are in the workforce. It has been found that veterans can bring leadership skills, technical expertise, and the ability to learn new skills more quickly than the average job …show more content…

Another issue that veterans struggle with when they come back from war is mental illnesses like PTSD. According to “bringing the war back home”, “Of 103 788 OEF/OIF veterans seen at VA health care facilities, 25 658 (25%) received mental health diagnosis(es)”. This disabilities can make getting into the workforce much more difficult and even leave veterans to live on the streets from lack of employment. The solution discovered from this research is that if these mental diseases are caught early enough, the veterans will receive the help they need and be able to continue their normal civilian lives. “Targeted early detection and intervention beginning in primary care settings are needed to prevent chronic mental illness and

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