Homelessness: Causes Of Veteran Homelessness

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The exercise to establish the number of homeless people in the United States is of critical significance. Homelessness poses immense challenges to efforts aimed at controlling infectious diseases and renders the homeless at immense risk of serious mental and physical health effects. This subject is particularly becomes sensitive on considering the significant number of homeless veterans in the US. Especially in the recent past, homelessness has emerged as a costly problem. In his seminal article in the New Yorker recounting a story of a homeless alcoholic man, Gladwell (2006) observed that homelessness costs the taxpayers considerably and focus ought to be given to housing provision and supportive care. According to Gladwell (2006), it would be beneficial to solve the homelessness method than to try managing it. However, for the situation to be addressed, it would be necessary to establish what leads to veteran homelessness. Mntal illness and addiction have repeatedly been identified as major causes. This paper seeks to establish whether they really can be attributed to veterans becoming homeless. This will be achieved by studying previous and recent studies on homelessness to be able to establish their role. Even though a range of factors that contribute, mental illness and addiction to substance abuse are two factors at the center of veteran homelessness.
Causes of Veteran Homelessness
Tsai, Rosenheck, & Mcguire (2012) acknowledge that veteran homelessness is

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