Argumentative Essay On Homeless Veterans

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Homeless veterans and how they live on the streets and how they got homeless. Also how our government is trying to get rid of so many homeless Veterans. Society needs to invest in homeless veterans problem. Homelessness “Is not having a place to live.” When you are homeless you do not have any money and most likely you don 't have a lot of food which you probably already know that. The Veterans are the ones most affected by being homeless.Veterans deserve and should have the fist right over government benefits before illegal aliens. “On the whole, veteran homelessness has decreased 47% since 2010 and the number of unsheltered veterans has been slashed by more than half, according to a report released by the obama Administration”. These veterans deserve their rights to have government housing and welfare because they have served our country and these illegal have done nothing but still somehow get in line first. “Often the, housing was kind of earned”.Quigley, Aidan “what 's Behind the decline in homeless among us veterans.” These veterans are working hard to get their housing while these illegal immigrants are just coming coming here and getting all the welfare and help they need. But no one wants to help the veterans why? These veterans are what made this country free and why we get the the right of free speech and being able to own a gun etc. One of the main causes of homeless veterans is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD. “ is a medical problem where

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