Essay On Veterans Benefits

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Veteran Benefits The issue of veteran benefits in the United States is not taken as seriously as it should be in our country, even though it is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. The lack of available funding for veterans is especially obvious when compared to that available for lower income citizens, or even illegal immigrants. Also, what does exist appears to fall short in taking care of veteran’s needs. Considering that these veterans are people who have risked their lives fighting for this country, the fact that they are not receiving immediate benefits or even what they have earned is unfair. The VA needs to change the way it deals with Veterans and their bout with homelessness, consistent and worthwhile employment, and mental …show more content…

Veterans are dealing with a wide variety of issues at home and in the transition out of the military and a smooth transition to a well-paying job is important to settle back into civilian life. While the system is setup to give employment training and valuable assistants to get education and training, there is still a lack of true employment for Veterans. Receiving these benefits are plagued with issues, from late reimbursement to inconsistent training to take their skills learned from the military into the workforce. There is also a large portion of skills learned in the military that have a difficult time applying immediately into jobs, such as specific training on military only applications and machines. As more time passes from when a Veteran leaves the military the harder and harder it will be to even impress employers with those skills, so the shelf life of a good transition into the workforce can be quite short. Gaining these benefits from the VA are difficult enough to receive without them not being very effective. A lot of these jobless veterans also show signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that is left untreated because they have limited access to VA

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