Negligence In Disabled

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The Negligence For Disabled Veterans
Making a transition back from a war can be quite difficult for some veterans. Veterans, who are re-entering the civilian lifestyle, find it difficult to adjust back from their service, due to psychological and physical traumas. However, the negligence of veteran care also makes it difficult for veterans to adapt back into the society. The poem “Disabled”, written by Wilfred Owen in 1917, exemplifies how veterans do not always receive the care that they deserve. In the poem, Owen had demonstrated that disabled veterans are not properly being treated, because they are different from the normal standards of an individual. Although Wilfred Owen’s poem “Disabled” addressed the lack of veteran care for returning …show more content…

When veterans return from their service, often times they do not receive the care that they need, in order to regain back to a normal mental state. Periodically veterans came back mentally impair in the first few years of their return (Burtner, 2016). In the poem “Disabled”, the protagonist thought that he was rejected from the society, due to the fact that he had lost his legs. The appearance of amputated legs made the protagonist appearances different from the other men who have a wholesome, moveable body. Consequently, the social perspective of a disabled person back in the 1900s was harsh. Thus, it was hard for veterans to transition from their service back to a civilian lifestyle, due to the care that they receive from institutions and social perspectives. Furthermore, during the late 1800’s, institutions that were built for disabled veterans were usually in the outskirt of the town, creating a separation from society to further stigmatize veterans (Gerber, 2016). Isolationism causes more problems for veterans, which is shown in “Disabled”, when the protagonist of the story became isolated from a normal lifestyle to an institution. In addition, when the protagonist stated, “Why don’t they come?” (Owen, 44). This line in the poem represents the negligence of the caretaker in the facility in …show more content…

There should be more accurate representations of veterans who are coming back from their services and the hardship that they have put into the country. To show civilians that being a veteran does not state that they are always either very strong or very weak. A more accurate representation of veterans could be shown that they are humans like the rest of the civilians who are serving their country. As Woodall, a researcher at University of Nevada stated, “Word of caution of comparing re-entry experience between service eras.” (Woodall, 2016). Referencing that veterans are different and experienced different things from different wars that they have served in. In addition, there should be more effort put into veteran care services. For example, veterans could have an easier transition to the ordinary civilian lifestyle if there was training and standards for the veteran care services, so that veterans are not neglected in their institution. As negligence was shown in “Disabled” when the protagonist stated, “How cold and late it is! Why don’t they come” (Owen, 44). Exemplifying that no veterans should be left out in the cold and that veteran need proper care. Therefore, the possible changes in the media and veteran care services could help to benefit veterans who are disabled back into the

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