VA Choice Act Case Study

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VA Choice Act was a politically motivated Band-Aid on a placed over severed artery. Without a re-vamp of the entire US healthcare system, The Obligation of Honor to US military Veterans cannot be fulfilled due to an overburdened, underfunded VHA and the attempt of “privatization” of the excess Veteran demand to the private sector health care system has proven abysmal. The only hope to fulfill the Obligation of Honor is a restructuring of the entire US healthcare model incorporating Universal healthcare.

Undersecretary for Health Dr. Randy Petzel retired on May 15, 2014 and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned two weeks later on May 30, 2014. The U. S. President appointed the Honorable Robert “Bob” McDonald as the new VA Secretary charged with making changes to the VA System. Implementation of the Choice Act in 2014, in particular the Choice Card Program will not successfully support the healthcare needs of Veterans.
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More than that no man is entitled to, and less than that no man shall have." (Quote, n.d). Throughout our nation 's history, determining the nature of that square deal has been extremely problematic. Should veterans be made financially whole for the time they have spent in the service? If wounded, and they can 't be restored, how should they be compensated? If military service fails to provide veterans with the skills necessary to find work in the civilian sector, should the government take action? Reasonable people can disagree, and within that disagreement politics of the time rules. It is an extremely harsh irony to veterans waiting for service-connected disability compensation claims, treatment in understaffed VA facilities or struggling to find work, but this imperfect form of governance which is “our democracy”… precisely what they fought and risked their lives to

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