Argumentative Essay: Why Veterans Should PTSD Support

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Veterans are an important part of society because they are the people who have served their country and have protected peoples rights and freedoms. Veterans are constantly struggling with illnesses, pains, and overall stress on the body and mind; they need a to be provided with free checkups and other surgeries that might be needed, they need to have round the clock support as most veterans have PTSD, and they should also be allowed to take their immediate family under their medicare plan.

Veterans are the retired military personnel who have fought for the nation's freedom and the rights of people, during this fight sometimes they go through tragic events that could haunt them when they get out, also known as PTSD, so their medicare plan should cover PTSD support. Retired troops have witnessed a multitude of negative and traumatic events, whether that's losing a brother or sister of arms, getting wounded, or having to take a shot at someone else. These things could cause PTSD, a disorder where a person could undergo nightmares, heat sweats, public fears, or even thoughts and completion of suicide. Some VA medicare plans, “..may include specialized PTSD services….”(Public Affairs), this should be that they all include PTSD services. The VA should change the fact that once they screen …show more content…

“VA does not normally provide care for family members of Veterans enrolled in VA’s health care program. If you drop your private health insurance, they may have no health care coverage.” (Veterans Affairs). Some Veterans can not work due to disabilities or other medical reasons. This would cause an decrease in their monthly and yearly paychecks, not allowing for room to pay for medical insurance for their families. Having the sure say that the Va could cover their families medical insurance would insure that they do not have to worry about their

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