United States Department of Veterans Affairs Essays

  • Argumentative Essay: Helping Veterans

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    Helping our veterans should be mandatory because of their sacrifice. Even though some people believe war veterans acquire enough from the Government, others believe they deserve more for their services. Veterans of the United States of America should not be homeless since they fought for our country with a sense of bravery and commitment. Therefore, the Department of Veterans Affairs should be reconstructed, also expanded to meet the growing need of our veterans. Moreover, our countrymen had a choice

  • Military Families

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    Veterans and Military Families Annotated Bibliography Peer-Reviewed Journal Article Link, P. E., & Palinkas, L. A. (2013). Long-term trajectories and service needs for military families. Clinical Child & Family Psychology Review, 16(4), 376-393. doi:10.1007/s10567-013-0145-z Link and Palinkas’ research investigates the impact that military deployment and trauma have on family member relationships. Besides mental illness, families are also prone to other difficulties, such as struggles with relationships

  • Essay On Physical Activities

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    CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION “Lack of activity destroys the good conditions of every human being, Movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserves it.” Plato Above statement emphasize itself the importance of universally accepted physical activity. Without activity man can’t be in good condition and not able to preserve it. Physical activity and healthy sports are essential for our health and well being. Appropriate physical activity and sports for all constitute one of the major components

  • The Negative Effects Of Adversity

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    It was Friedrich Nietzsche who coined the phrase “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. While it has been repeated countlessly throughout the last hundred or so years is it true? People who have been the victim of serious traumas, including abuse, natural disasters, life changing accidents, and homelessness frequently suffer from long-term effects. The most common long-term negative effect, of course, being mental health issues. There has long been a belief amongst laymen that adversity leads

  • National Guard Case Study

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    National Guard Recruiting Assistance Program Fraud and Abuse In 2005 the Recruiting Assistance Program was initiated to help the National Guard meet end strength requirements. Four years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq transformed the National Guard from a Strategic Reserve into an Operational Reserve and the National Guard was having a difficult time meeting end strength requirements due to operational tempo requirements and normal attrition from ETS and retirements. Being a member of the National

  • Argumentative Essay: The Loss Of War

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    Sights you see, events you take part in, people you kill never really seem to leave your conscious and sometimes haunt you. This eats away at the sanity of many soldiers who’ve seen the face of the the fight. Joseph Robertson, a WWII veteran, clearly recalls a time from the war when he killed a young german boy. He described the boy he killed as a “blonde, blue eyes, fair skin, so handsome he was like a little angel(German in the Woods). Joseph, at the age of eighty six, still would wake

  • Lady Valor Film Analysis

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    to a woman can be just as hard, and both can be traumatizing to the mind. Kristen Beck, a Navy SEAL veteran, has gone through both transitions and shares her story in the film Lady Valor. Kristen has gone through the horrifying events of war and has faced the hardships of being transgender, both of which have been tough on Kristen both physically and mentally. From a male war hero to a female veteran, Kristen has gone through several experiences that are all psychologically interesting. The transition

  • Why Do Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats Essay

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    The source that supports this is the Huffington Post, by Kristen Sturt which states, "Just over 86,000 falls per year were caused by pets, 88% by dogs alone." This means that dogs are the number one culprit for leg and hip injury than any other cause. But undoubtedly this can be challenged because even if dogs are the number one

  • Essay On Military Abuse

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    violence and the effects can be life changing. Veterans experience hardships in their lives after their service to the military, including homelessness, post-traumatic stress disorder, excessive use of alcohol, and domestic violence. According to the White House Joining Forces Initiative, back in 2011 the military is made up of less than 1% of all Americans. Veterans make up about 7% of the population and currently the United States alone has 21,973,000 veterans. “During the conflicts that spanned the past

  • Bleak House Literary Analysis

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    Bleak House, a novel whose main feature is the satire of England and its judicial system we are swiftly but thoroughly shown the hypocrisy of some “philanthropists.” The following essay will discuss the significance of philanthropy in Victorian times and how Dickens heavily satirizes it in Chapter 4, ‘Telescopic Philanthropy.’ Dickens was renowned for using his writing as an outlet to criticize the social, moral and economic abuses of the Victorian times. Firstly we shall establish an accurate definition

  • Professionalism In Medical Education

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    Introduction Professionalism has been described by the American Board of Internal Medicine as “constituting those attitudes and behaviors that serve to maintain patient interest above physician self-interest.”(1) The word profession is derived from profess which means 'to proclaim something publicly'. Physicians profess two things: to be competent to help the patients and to have the patient’s best interests in mind. Such commitment invites trust from their patients. (1) Professionalism is critical

  • A Summary Of Odysseus By Homer

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    Veterans face traumatic events out on the battlefield that changes their lives forever. As they fight through war, it becomes a lifestyle that they are used to moreover can not get out of. People do not appreciate the amount of time veterans give to fight our country. Coming home from the war veterans most times feel like they are still fighting a war. When coming back from the war most people mistreat the veterans that just fought for our country. In the poem, Odysseus by Homer, after winning

  • Samurai Warriors Behavior

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    Before the early twelfth century, Japan was known to have a bureaucratic government, which meant government administrations and decision making departments were staffed by non- elected officials to make decisions; However, Japan was aristocratic, meaning people held certain government positions because they were born to families of a high standard. In 1185, because the government had no police forces, Samurai warriors were introduced and soon took power and became the new rulers of the country. Their

  • Persuasive Essay: The Banning Of Assault Weapons

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    this is a problem, that both puts people’s lives at risk and makes some live in fear. First, the number of shootings is completely intolerable. Many innocent people die due to gun shootings. For example, information taken from the book, Gun Control states that

  • Phantom Limb Pain

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    to war trauma. (Boserelle,& Cupa, 2011). Land mines, exploding shells and direct bullet injury are just some causes of war–related amputations on foot and ankle among respondents in a study by Ebrahimzadeh & Rajabi in 2007. As more and more U.S. veterans come from Iraq and Afghanistan with a missing limb, much attention is given to a bewildering phenomenon that young soldiers feel an agonizing pain in a body part that no longer exists. (Bierma & Woolston, 2015). 1. Phantom Limb Pain Phantom Limb

  • Physical Trauma In Veterans

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    One physical trauma that a veteran can experience from combat are burn wounds. Burn injury is a universal threat for most military personal who have experienced combat. Burns and injuries from shrapnel fragments or small fire arms are very common wounds (Borden Institute. The Textbooks of Military Medicine). Even with the protective factors the military uses today, such as Kevlar vests, burn wound victims are usually left with serious mutilations and handicaps from burns over body areas not protected

  • River Pollution Causes

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    Pollution is a problem that is often taken for granted. Pollution is usually a frequent topic in schools as the Department of Education aims to target the youth in promoting the awareness of this problem. Despite their efforts many of us push this to the side not realising the seriousness of it. When I received this task I knew that I could no longer act clueless. In

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In The Odyssey

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    The Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs claim that PTSD is a growing epidemic, with roughly 5.2 sufferers of the illness in the U.S. today. Homer’s The Odyssey illustrates the story of Odysseus after the Trojan war and his journey back home to Ithaca. During his expedition, Odysseus faces many physically and emotionally challenging situations that affect him psychologically in the future. Many scholars recognize Odysseus as a brave warrior in Homer’s The Odyssey, but in fact, Odysseus is a soldier

  • Analysis Of Erich Maria Remarque All Quiet On The Western Front And Modern War

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    Approximately 20% of all war veterans suffer from a mental disorder called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD for short. This continues to affect many soldiers, just like it did in the past. All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is a first person narrative set during World War I about a young boy and his friends’ journey to war. An anti war propaganda, Remarque’s novel debates the corruption of WWI. However, this novel can be used in connection to almost any war, regardless

  • Physical Treatment In Veterans Essay

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    Medical and Physical Treatment in Veterans A veteran comes back from the war in Vietnam. Some people acknowledge him for his services and some people dishonor him for what he did in the war. In this essay, many people treat veterans with disrespect consequently as if he or she did something wrong. Returning veterans or people are being treated with either honor, mental help, or with disrespect but higher disrespect and mental help. According to the story, Odysseus thinks he will be accepted walking