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Lack of Government Support For Affected Veterans According to the article, “Government 's PTSD Treatment for Veterans, Lacking”, “They account for more than 75% of the roughly half a million VA patients receiving treatment for PTSD,” (Zarembo). Many veterans still continue to wait for their treatments, creating issues in their home life and even causing them to commit suicide. The 25% of the patients who are not treated suffer, this is where the government should come to play to help those people by providing more care and supporting the costs. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder should be better treated and better supported by the government to veterans because of the amount of soldiers waiting for treatment, lack of effectiveness in treatment,…show more content…
“The murder American Sniper author Chris Kyle at a Texas gun range by a fellow vet said to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has restarted a national conversation about PTSD and raised questions about whether the government is doing enough to identify and treat those suffering from the condition,” (Moran). American Sniper is evidence that those who suffer from PTSD are not treated properly and do indeed are capable not only harming others and or themselves while experiencing their “flashbacks” or symptoms. If those who experience trauma from the previous wars they had served in end up killing or being violent the government has not taken action enough and fixed the recurring issue in their veterans. Many people, including the media, were starting to take into account that the government had not identified those who needed treatment. “The issue with the government’s response to PTSD today is that, but simply, the problem is bigger than anyone imagined a few years ago and potentially as large as the number of PTSD cases for Vietnam vets. A study in 1993 found that more than 830,000 Vietnam veterans suffered from symptoms related to PTSD to one degree or another upon returning home,” (Moran). Soldiers who return home from war typically suffer from related symptoms. Most soldiers who are affected are not acted on quick enough. “From 2005 to 2011, military spending on…show more content…
Not many get the treatment needed and are neglected. The government needs to step in and help aid those who went to war for them. After all, the soldiers went to war to support and protect the freedoms of America, why cannot the government do the same for them and end suffering from war

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