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You call this payment?

Military members are not getting paid what they are worth to this country. With the task they have been given and what they have to deal with, you would think that the government does not care anymore about its troops. Given what they are paid, and the factors of combat on the mind or body, military members are quite simply put, getting the short end of the stick. Most people are surprised when faced with the facts and simple numbers of the matter. Let's say you recently joined the Air Force and are a senior airman or E-4 with 3 years of service, without family or kids while also being currently deployed to Afghanistan. According to the military pay chart published every year by the department of defense, you will …show more content…

One of the effects being Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Yeah that can of worms, that is gnawing away at our veterans. Now, let's get back into the simple numbers shall we? Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (OEF), these were the major operations used during the war on terror. About 11-20 percent out of everyone who was serving during OIF or OEF, had PTSD effect them in any given year. So wait, this means that 11 to 20 out of every 100 veterans who deployed to those countries will end up suffering from PTSD alone. But it just keeps getting better, there is a number, 541 to be exact. You may ask why 541 is an important number to know, the reason being as horrible as it is painful to know. That's how many service members and veterans have suffered traumatic limb loss. Traumatic limb loss in this case meaning the loss of a limb and or limbs. Granted you do receive hazard pay, if you are in a combat zone. The extra $100 per month that you get, is barely enough to cover a pizza a week. Remembering this, let's go back to the McDonald’s employee. You stand to suffer burns from grills, and or sticking your hand into the fry grease. There is a large difference between the two jobs and it's effects on the body or

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