Why Would I Stay At Valley Forge?

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“There comes a soldier, his bare feet are seen thro’ his worn out shoes, his legs nearly naked from the tatter’d remains of an only pair of stockings….” This is a quote from the diary of a man named Dr. Waldo. He stayed at a terrible place. The Continental Army came there with Washington during the winter of 1777. It was Washington's winter camp, 18 miles from Philadelphia. These people lived there until June of 1778. They were cold, sick, and some even dying. This was a very difficult place to live in. This place was Valley Forge. Now, let me ask you, after hearing this information, would you stay at Valley Forge? Would you fight for your freedom? I can’t speak for you, but I would stay at Valley Forge because not a bunch of people are actually dying, Washington is getting the help of the Committee of Congress, and I really do not want to be a summer soldier. Like I said Valley Forge really isn't the worst place ever in the world because a bunch of people were only getting sick. Not a bunch of people actually died. This is one of the reasons I would stay. I know this because I was able to see in Document A it said, 3989 out of 8000 soldiers ended up sick, yes that is a bunch of people, about 50%, but they never actually died because of it. Also in Document A it said Only 1800 out of 12000 people actually died. That's only about 15% which …show more content…

In Document B it says “was helpful in getting more food and clothing to the soldiers.” This means they were helping them with the big struggles that make you want to quit. Also in Document B it says, they “stayed several weeks.” This means the congressmen actually cared and would help the best they could to make sure the soldiers were alright. These reasons are probably taking out the biggest reasons for leaving and that's why this helps with my decision to

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