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Why I Didn’t Stay At Valley Forge Ayush Zalawadia Winter of 1777, Valley Forge was a refuge for many soldiers like me. After retreating from Howe’s army, General Washington along with the half the Continental army had set up base for three months. The small camp with few necessities was 18 miles away from Pennsylvania. The camp was a snow covered area, with small wood lodges that were not ventilated, no meat, low food supply, tattered clothes and shoes, and injuries from walking. Consider being surrounded with all of theses atrocious circumstances, then ask yourself, would you stay at Valley Forge? My decision was not to stay because of the illness and death rate, the harsh weather and living conditions, and major lack of vital supplies. A major reason for my choice of leaving was because of the illness and death rate. The immense outbreaks forced General Washington to make small camps for the sick who had the same illness. According to Document A, out of 8,000 total people, 3,989 people fell ill at Valley Forge. That was almost half of the camp getting sick. On top of that, 2,500 of those ill people died over the winter at Valley Forge. That meant that 31% of …show more content…

The living conditions of Valley Forge were unbearable and didn't even contain necessities. Dr. Waldo in Document C, says that he was starved, covered in smoke, cold, tattered clothing, hard lodging, and no shoes. I too had no ventilation in my lodge, but the fire was burning all day and night, which covered up the room with soot. I was also sleeping on solid wood with nothing soft The food quantity as well as quality was very low. The picture in Document B, shows the good conditions of the townsfolk, but the terrible conditions of the soldiers. My friend who is in the picture has three toes because of frostbite, and no shoes like everyone else. I have had enough of these terrible conditions and will return to my normal city

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