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In the harsh, dreaded winter at Valley Forge, your enlistment has finally retired. But now there is a decision to be made. Will I stay and be loyal to the Continental Army. Or will I abandon and never look back at the Continental Army. The decision must be made. It would be so easy to leave and not have to deal with all the death. But it also would be hard because my freedom could rely on this decision and the Continental Army needs my help. Therefore, I choose to stay at Valley Forge, for there is a chance for me to not die of sickness because of the medical care, there is also patriotism, and people are willing to fight for our freedom. The documents A and C prove that only 14% died of sickness. there were about 12,000 of us to start with, and only about 1,800- 2500 died from December to June. Therefore, that leaves just about 9,500 of us left. However, with all the people that abandoned the Continental Army leaves us with just about 8,000 of us. In document C which is a passage from a doctor’s diary. He was one of the army’s doctors. His name was Dr. Albigence Waldo. Therefore, that proves that there was medical care. …show more content…

Document B is an engraving of a painting by William Henry Powell. The painting is called committee of congress at Valley Forge. In the painting there is some of the army on the right with their swords raised and that to me shows patriotism. Also in the painting is George Washington in the middle trying to get more supplies and that means that he has faith in his army. In document D the quote from Thomas Paine, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” and what that means is that this is the time that see if you are loyal to your country. And in this he compares this war to hell and in many ways it might be to us our own hell but we keep fighting right to the end and to me that is

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