Valley Forge Dbq

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“Poor food, hard lodging, cold weather, fatigue, nasty clothes, nasty cookery, vomit… why are we sent here to starve and freeze?”-Dr. Albigence Waldo “What we know today was not known in late December 1777, victory seemed a long way off; in fact for many, it seemed unlikely.” Had I been a soldier at Valley Forge, would I of given up? If I had the choice, I would have stayed, because of loyalty to our leaders and country, to stay a powerful nation, and for the freedom of me and the people of America.

I would have stayed in the war, because I am loyal to our leaders and to America. In Document B, “George Washington was presenting Congressional Committee to soldier at Valley Forge.” He hoped that he could get more equipment, food, and needed supplies for the soldiers to survive and stay healthy. He was willing to do whatever it took to help the soldiers that weren't sick to stay healthy, and the ones that were sick to get better. He showed true leadership, and that is why I would have stayed in the war. …show more content…

In Document A, it shows that on “ February 1, 1778 3,989 people were sick with an Illness.” That is 50% of the total soldiers at Valley Forge at the time. This shows that if more people were willing to stay, fight, and help with needed supplies, there would be more people able to fight,a greater and easier chance of winning, and staying a powerful

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