Valley Forge Dbq Questions And Answers

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Should I Stay or Should I Go

It was freezing, feet and hands numb, stomach growling at me like a bear. I needed to leave. It was 1777, George Washington and his troops arrived at Valley Forge. It was “1 mile away from Pennsylvania” (Background Essay) and nowhere to really go, and no one really wanted to go. If you were a soldier would you stay or would you leave? I would not reenlist to the army because of the sickness and diseases, terrible and harsh conditions, and being overworked and freezing.
The soldiers in Valley Forge had to deal with illness and disease. In Document A it says that, “in a six month span, there were more than 1,800 deaths. It also says that they lost four thousand troops because of either death or quitting in two months.” This shows how little medicine and doctors they had …show more content…

In Document C it says the soldiers had little to no food at all, they would chant, “No Meat, No Meat” (Document C)! It also says, “My skin and eyes were almost spoiled with continual smoke” (Document C). This proves just how harsh conditions and air quality these soldiers had to endure through which I definitely couldn’t. The final reason I would quit from Valley Forge because of the jealousy and overworking of the soldiers and animals. In the picture on Document B it shows a dead horse, a man going insane, and another man being helped from the ground after he fell over.. In Document B it says, “George Washington presenting Congressional Committee to soldiers at Valley Forge.” People were probably jealous of the congressman and many of them were overworked this caused them to get sick or die. Because of Because of illness, harsh conditions, and overworking and jealousy I would not stay at Valley Forge. That's like saying you would rather stay outside in the zombie apocalypse than inside a safe haven. You’d rather die than be alive. You just wouldn’t do it, and that's why I won’t

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